Broken dishes - how to avoid trouble

Superstitious people have always been careful about the signs of broken dishes. They say that it was not without reason that they began to shout "for good luck" after someone broke a plate or glass. In this article we will talk about the most popular signs associated with smashing dishes, find out when it fights for good luck, and when, on the contrary, and also tell you what actions you need to take to avoid the negative from broken dishes.

Accordion door - a modern solution in the interior

Sometimes swinging doors cannot be installed: there is not enough space or they hit the furniture or walls. In this case, accordion doors will help. They are also called folding or folding. The meaning of this does not change: the product is assembled along the entire length of the doorway and takes up little space. Harmonica door: what is it Cloths consist of separate lamellas.

How to make a doll hanger

It is rare to meet a child who has only one toy. Modern children have their entire stores, but the task of parents is to teach children to keep this great multitude in an organized manner. This is how a child can prepare for adulthood. In addition, girls, as a rule, have a lot of dolls, starting with Barbie, and many others.

DIY bench

Of course, every self-respecting gardener will provide for himself a place where he can rest from various work. On a suburban area, such an object is usually a garden bench. This is a universal design that can be created independently without special investments and difficulties. However, you must first know what is useful for this process and what models of the structure may be.

How to clean a carpet with a vacuum cleaner

Soft and warm flooring adds comfort to any room. However, the carpet tends to dust and become dirty. Therefore, it requires periodic cleaning. The benefits of wet cleaning can hardly be overestimated. In addition to eliminating all dust and even the smallest specks and impurities, the air in the room is also cleaned.

Why you can not clean the carpets at the car wash

The house should have an atmosphere of cleanliness and freshness, regular cleaning helps get rid of the accumulated dust and poor energy. Carpets should be cleaned especially carefully, as they accumulate dirt in the pile and can be a source of allergy. Car wash has become a new way to quickly and easily clean your favorite rug.