Proper storage of spices in the kitchen

Spices give a special taste and aroma to almost any dish. Each kitchen has at least a minimal set of seasonings, especially loved by family members. But even in this case, it is useful to find out how to properly store spices in the kitchen and what is their shelf life. Where to store spices? Proper storage of spices can significantly increase their shelf life.

Why you can not wash dishes with sponges

Every day we wash dishes, sink and other household appliances. For these purposes, we often use special sponges. Everyone knows that using this tool is not a very hygienic way out. Rospotrebnadzor generally banned the use of sponges for washing dishes in the field of catering.

How to choose a computer chair

The main feature of the computer chair is the installation of a mechanism for adjusting the tilt and seat height. Due to the considerable weight, the chair most often has wheels for moving around the office or apartment. How to choose a computer chair The main criterion is the time spent behind the monitor, as well as the ability to replace the user: Up to 2 hours.

Couch is

A single bench designed for sitting with outstretched legs and resting in the supine position of one person is called a couch. The main difference between such a piece of furniture is the lack of a full back. At the same time, it is often equipped with a high headrest or two armrests, which are used as supports for the legs and head.

Types of Laminate Locks

The joints between the laminate panels are both the most vulnerable and the most durable part of it, so when choosing, care must be taken to select the most high-quality and effective locking system that ensures evenness of the coating and durability in its operation for many years.

The device of a warm electric floor for tiles

Ceramic flooring is an element of the interior that successfully complements the style of the room, and also contributes to the creation of a comfortable atmosphere. This finish differs from other materials in moisture resistance and durability. In addition to advantages, ceramic products also have disadvantages: a smooth surface can cause injury, and it is not very pleasant to be on a constantly cold floor, especially barefoot.