The secret to washing a feather pillow

Cleanliness is the key to health, therefore, not only sheets and pillowcases, but also blankets with pillows are subject to washing and cleaning. They are erased much less often, sometimes it is easier to replace the laundry with a dry cleaner. But it is unprofitable and there is not always a guarantee that they will clean it well. I prefer to wash them at home manually or in a washing machine - it depends on the mood and free time.

How to properly prepare a feather pillow for washing

You can wash it whole, but the effect will not be perfect. The weight of a standard feather pillow is about 3 kg, when it gets wet, it weighs even more. The feather sticks to moisture and you get an incomprehensible lump that is difficult to fluff. It’s more convenient for me to divide the filler into several parts and wash each separately.

For this, several linen bags are prepared. On a spread fabric or oilcloth, the napkin is neatly opened along the seam and the feather is transferred in small portions into bags. The main thing is not to sneeze at this time, although you really want to, otherwise the filling will scatter fun throughout the room. Before disassembling the pillow, it must be knocked out to remove dust.

The handpiece is washed separately.

Important! After washing and drying, turn the napkin inside out and gently rub the cloth with laundry soap, and then ventilate. After this treatment, the pen does not come out, does not prick, the down tick does not start.

Machine washable feather pillow

The most convenient way, without unnecessary effort and time. But there is a small catch - not every model of a machine will pull the wash. The load limit should be at least 6 kg. If you disassemble the pillow "for parts", then it will be more convenient to wash and dry such portioned bags faster.

I choose a delicate mode, at 30 degrees, not more than half an hour. This is enough for a good cleansing.

Attention! Specialty laundry bags are sold in hardware stores; it is convenient to fold sewn covers with a feather in them. If the pillow is small, the size is 50 × 70 cm or less, then you can wash it whole. To protect the napkin and not get a full feather machine, you can sew another cover, about 15 cm larger, put a pillow there and sew over the edge.

I put the spin function at 400 revolutions so that the pen does not pile up. I use air conditioning to a minimum, I choose neutral fragrance.

Attention! The pen stores smells for a long time.


The best time for pillow processing is summer. I often do laundry in the country: there is a car, and throwing laundry items in the back seat is not difficult. Advantages - unlimited amount of water and space for drying.

There are two options: wash in whole or in part. I am not a fan of long processes, so I simply type warm water in a bath, dissolve the gel for natural fabrics and lay pillows in a row on the bottom. It is necessary to ensure that the water covers them whole.

After 30 minutes, you can start washing. The drainage grid is set in advance, otherwise the drain pipe quickly clogs with particles remaining in the water, it can be very difficult to clean the mash.

If the filler is more than five years old, then the task is complicated. The structure is rearranged fragile, it quickly gathers into lumps. Have to wash it in "free swimming".

I prepare a soap solution of 6 tablespoons of gel detergent and 3 tablespoons of ammonia, immerse the feather in water, leave for 3 hours. Gently rinse with my hands, collect in a separate container with a colander and rinse in clean water. Now you can collect the filler in a clean case and hang it on to dry. With this method, the pen does not stick together and does not crumble with the awns.

How to dry a feather pillow

Basic rule: drying time should fit in 2 days. If you tighten the process, a musty smell will appear, giving off mold, and you will have to wash everything. After rinsing, I put the bags with the pen on a wooden lattice and let the water drain.

I use a tree: it does not oxidize, does not leave stains on the fabric, and most importantly - it does not give an odor. Then gently distribute the filler and leave it to dry in this position, turn it 4-5 times a day from side to side, so that each side is better ventilated.

If the weather is sunny and windy during the day, then the pillow dries faster in a suspended state. It is fastened on a rope for one or two corners, is regularly turned over - at the same time, and the filler straightens better.

Important! An unfinished pillow cannot be used. The smallest wet spot will serve as an excellent source of mold and the appearance of down pests.

In winter, I try not to burden myself with such worries and start washing the pillows only when necessary. I dry near a battery or PETN, in a straightened state. It is undesirable to lay a pillow on a heating radiator. From overheating, the napkin spoils, the feather becomes brittle, crumbles, and loses volume.

A clean pillow will give you a deep sleep, it will provide an excellent opportunity to relax and gain strength. And to maintain its fluffiness, it is necessary to regularly whip the filler, ventilate and dry in the fresh air.

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