Very strange laptops

Today in the market of laptops and smartphones there is fierce competition. Various companies began to produce unusual models. Often prices for such models are quite high, but they are still popular. In this article we will tell you about the ten most interesting models of laptops.

Top interesting models

Below are interesting and unusual notebook models.

Asus ROG GX800

This model has hybrid water cooling. It is equipped with a quad-core Core i7 with a pair of GTX 1080, there is also a water circuit. If you use the device at home, you can connect it to a special docking station, which has everything you need. As soon as you fix it in the dock and the tubes are connected, the device’s CPU and GPU will be cooled with water. This process helps to make a laptop several times more powerful. The cost of such a laptop, as if the car - 500 000 rubles.

Razer project valerie

Razer is famous for its high-quality gaming devices. In 2017, at CES, the company showed a prototype of a laptop, which has several screens in action at once.

However, to buy it will not work, because he never went on sale. Nobody announced the reason.

Acer aspire r7

The creators of this device not only made the touch screen, but also modernized the form and layout. So they maximally facilitated device management by touching the screen. This model instead of loops has a long take-out on which the screen is installed. This allows the user to bring him closer to him by sliding the keyboard, which is located below the touchpad. The location of the touchpad is not very convenient, because you have to reach for it. Of course, not everyone liked it.

GPD Pocket

This is a small model, the diagonal of its screen is 7. " GB. This is the most decent laptop for these sizes! As for the battery life, it is about 8 hours, and the size of the miracle device allows you to carry it in your free jacket pocket.

The dragonfly futurefon

This model is the most interesting mobile platform. It combines two well-known operating systems in one Windows and Android project!

The main module is allowed to connect Slingshot, which is a phablet. As for the individual features of the Slingshot, it plays the role of a mobile phone or tablet, and together with the docking station, a small laptop with a large screen and a large desktop is created. It is believed that this notebook was created, its chip is not in performance, but in functions that are available when combined with the base docking station. By the way, such features help to simplify the life of the user.

Acer Predator 21X

This laptop has a curved screen with an aspect ratio of 21: 9. A laptop can hardly be called a compact one, because it weighs about 8kg and obviously won't be able to take it anywhere.

As for its performance, this is Core i7. As you know, Core 17 has excellent overclocking capabilities and two GTX 1080 in SLI. The laptop has five powerful fans, two NVMe SSDs of 512 GB each, and a 2 TB hard drive is a very decent model.

ACME Portable Sherlock 4: 4

This model is a portable forensic station. This model is a full-fledged powerful system unit with a monitor mounted in it. The keyboard is connected using a telephone cable. This model costs about 5000 dollars.

Inspiron duo

This model is a portable computer that is transformed from a laptop to a tablet and back. This is a very interesting device, its screen can rotate around a horizontal axis. It is also equipped with a powerful Intel Atom N550 processor (dual-core processor, whose frequency is 1.5 GHz), a Broadcom Crystal HD video accelerator with Full HD resolution, 2 GB of RAM. The device also contains a powerful hard disk, the capacity of which is 320 GB. This is a very worthy and convenient device.

Getac B300-X

This model is very heavy, and if you drop it on the floor, then the floor can be very badly damaged, but the computer will remain unharmed. The fact is that it is protected by military criteria not only from shocks and damage, but also from the penetration of moisture into the device.

Also, this device is not intimidated by heat or cold, it can be used secretly during various special operations. To do this, the screen goes into night use mode - you can see what is on it using special glasses.

Asus taichi

This model is a clear proof that you can combine a tablet and a laptop. The device turned out to be the most mobile, it has two screens and another display.

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