How to make money on the resale of old furniture

Furniture resale is a fairly profitable business. Many on this monthly earn pretty decent amount. However, if you engage in resale regularly, you will need to arrange everything accordingly at the legislative level. But if you decide to just try yourself in this business, then of course you should not immediately go and arrange your activities, because nothing terrible will happen if you resell 1 wall or sofa.

Where can I buy old furniture

The first question that arises is where to get the furniture? Yes, and cheap, so that you can earn on its re-sale. And then come to the aid commission stores, flea markets, private ads. But there is another loophole with which you can "buy" furniture for nothing. Yes, you read it right, for nothing.

On the Internet there are a lot of ads from individuals who will give the furniture for free. Often, people give the furniture for free to people who move and do not have time to place ads for sale, they just need to quickly give the furniture away. But there are other cases - the furniture is so in poor condition that it is simply given for nothing. Of course, in this case, you will need some small skills as a restorer, and if you have them, you can not refuse such furniture.

How much is required to invest money

Well, it depends on where you will buy, and whether there will be any restoration work. By the way, the latter can significantly increase the sale price. Although it will be necessary to invest additional funds, for example, on varnishes, fabrics (if we are talking about stretching the sofa), all the same, at the output, all these funds will pay off.

Do not forget that you need to think about the moment of transportation of the goods after purchase. It is very rare to find an ad where you will be brought furniture to the specified address.

Initially, several thousand rubles will suffice. Consider the example of buying a cabinet, as well as its resale with or without partial restoration.

Buying a cabinet will cost from 0 (if found free) to 1000 rubles. You will also need to transfer goods, this service will cost an average of 500 rubles. If there is no place where to store and restore the purchased items, then you will need to initially solve this problem, since the purchased furniture must be stored somewhere. Of course with multiple purchases, renting a separate room for rent does not make any sense.

Suppose the cabinet needs to be varnished or painted to make it look more or less advantageous. If the cabinet is varnished or painted, then it is still necessary to add 300 rubles.

Initial costs in the range of 500 - 1800 rubles.

Attention! Prices are approximate. Depending on the region of Russia, the cost of certain types of services may vary significantly. If you decide to engage in such an activity, then you will need to take prices that correspond specifically to your region.

How and where to sell

You can sell furniture in the same place where you bought it. Of course, if you give a private ad, then you can sell faster than to give to the commission shop. In addition, the commission does make an additional markup, that is, the price is set higher than indicated by the person who donated the furniture. And this difference (the amount of sale minus the amount indicated by the owner of the furniture) is the profit of the commission shop.

If you have a page or even pages on social networks, then you can also actively use them.

You can also place an ad in a local newspaper. Serving ads in newspapers in other regions does not make sense, since there will be few responses.


Well, now the most interesting thing is how much revenue can resale furniture bring? It all depends on the initial purchase price. If you resell the furniture, which took for nothing, then of course the profit, we can say, out of the blue. If you restore, then you can sell, respectively, more expensive in several times, thereby recouping the costs of restoration and transportation.

The wardrobe can be sold for 2500-5000 rubles. Net profit will be 700 -4500 rubles.

An example is considered on the resale of one cabinet, and if you buy a few, respectively, and the profit will be significantly higher. You can also open your commission store, in which case you will need to create a business plan and take into account possible risks, taxes and competition.

You can also engage in the resale of other things, interior details. Thanks to the development of Internet technologies, it has become very easy and simple to engage in such activities.

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