Why Europe refused plastic windows

Plastic windows are the most common form of the product. With the development of technology, glass has been seen by plastic, as it provides the greatest strength of the window, and also has a more practical and efficient use. Due to its low cost, the product is much loved by ordinary people.

However, Europe, which is far ahead of other countries in development, on the contrary, is getting rid of the plastic version. There are several reasons for this, but all of them, one way or another, are connected precisely with the material of the product.

In Europe, abandoned plastic windows: reasons

The rejection of such windows occurred primarily due to the structure of the material. Plastic is most often made from hazardous waste and toxic substances that adversely affect the human body. Manufacturers understand what risks they take, but at the same time they try to save on their products, receiving the greatest benefit.

Expensive products, of course, incorporate additional substances that ensure safe operation. But, as practice shows, people give preference to most budget products, which pose the greatest danger to humans, especially for children.

Such products are dangerous when exposed to strong sunlight, and especially during long-term operation. Material with prolonged use begins to release toxic substances that can cause cancer and other serious diseases in humans.

The next reason is disposal problems. Abroad, they treat the environment with care, so the disposal of plastic products is a real problem.

Important! It is strictly forbidden to burn plastic products, since they emit a special gas during combustion, which is especially dangerous for humans.

What windows are popular in Europe

According to statistics, more than 70% of the population of Europe install wooden products. This is due to the naturalness of the product, respectively, and complete safety for human health.

In addition, natural material has a bright and unusual structure, which looks much more aesthetically pleasing and colorful. Moreover, the appearance can be changed by unique design solutions, which is impossible to do with the plastic version.

The only drawback of wooden windows is the high price that not everyone can afford. But Russian residents may face another problem if they live in areas with a changing climate. At high humidity, windows can lose their structure, because of which they begin to crack or change in size.

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