How to remove the keys from the keyboard

Virtually no computer users can avoid keyboard pollution problems. Because of this, the device may work poorly. If a person uses the keyboard for a long time, and at one time it stops working, it is likely to become clogged. You can turn to a professional for cleaning, but he will take several hundred rubles for his work, and you can do everything yourself.

Key construction

The keyboard is one of the most important tools in working with a computer or laptop. However, it is she who constantly suffers from spilled liquid or food particles that get inside.

In all keyboards of laptops, netbooks and similar gadgets, buttons have almost the same design. At its core is the so-called "clamshell". It consists of two small frames, which are connected in the middle by two small pins. The button itself is attached to the upper parts of the frames by snaps. The lower frames move on the substrate of the device. This is designed in order to ensure the interaction of the stroke of the button and the substrate when pressed. Desktop devices have a slightly different working mechanism.

Important points before removal

If chips become a cause of problems with the device, the device will need to be disassembled and the buttons cleaned of debris. However, before this you should make sure that the computer is not connected to electricity. In addition, it is necessary to take a picture of your keyboard several times in order not to forget where which button is located.

Attention! If liquid has been spilled on the computer, cleaning should be approached even more carefully. The device should be immediately disconnected from the computer and drained from it all the water. After that the device should be disassembled. It is recommended to rinse the buttons, and wipe the device itself to remove residual moisture.

To carry out repairs at home, you must first prepare the following tools:

  • cutting pliers;
  • a needle from a small syringe;
  • knife;
  • thin soldering iron;
  • small vice;
  • tweezers;
  • pliers;
  • simple needle;
  • Super glue;
  • lighter.

It is not necessary to use all the tools - you can use only a few items from this list.

Removing keys from the keyboard: step by step instructions

Cleaning the keyboard occurs according to this algorithm:

  1. Disconnect the instrument from the computer.
  2. After that, you can separate the keys. This will require some kind of flat tool. On the one hand, the button should be held with a finger, on the other - to hook, for example, with a knife. In this way, the keys should simply be removed from the seats.
  3. The exception is the long buttons (Space or Shift). In addition to everything else, they have a metal lock. For this reason, they should be removed very carefully so as not to break anything.
  4. After all the buttons are removed, you can begin to wash the device. It should start with each button separately. It is necessary to clean them both outside and inside, so that there is no plaque left.
  5. It is necessary to clean the device itself. All rubbish should be swept away with a brush, and the device wiped with a napkin. The same must be done with the tender part of it, and with the wire.
  6. When everything is cleaned, and the buttons are well dry, you can begin to assemble the device.

The whole process takes about two hours and requires a lot of patience.

It is very important to ensure that the fasteners are not damaged during the cleaning - they will be needed when assembling the mechanical keyboard and returning the buttons to their place. To do this, take the button and attach it to the place where it should be located. Be sure to align the button and press on the component. At the same time there should be a soft click, which says that the key "sat" in place.

Important! If the button should be attached to 4 slots, then four clicks should be heard. If this does not happen, you should carefully examine the key from all sides.

If the button cannot be put in place, or there is no audible click, it means that the master incorrectly assembled the mount. In this case, repeat the procedure from the beginning.

If the fastener is still broken, you should not immediately run to the workshop - you can fix it yourself. You can do it this way:

  • take a broken fastener and put it in place;
  • take a thin soldering iron and needle;
  • attach the needle to the damaged area and push it a couple of millimeters inside the mount;
  • heat the soldering iron and melt a part of the needle into the surface of the plastic button;
  • excess plastic can be removed with pliers.

Instead of a soldering iron, you can use a lighter that heats the needle. She should make a groove in the key where the hair from the comb is placed. The villus should be fixed and secured with glue. After everything is dry, you can try whether the device works.

Watch the video: How to Remove Laptop Keyboard Keys (March 2020).


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