Old mirror: how to get rid of it correctly

The mirror is one of the most sought-after interior items. And not only because we are used to looking at our reflection, intending to leave the house or tidy up the face. It is of great importance in the daily life of the family and performs several important functions at once:

  • practical - used for its intended purpose;
  • decorative - serves to decorate any room;
  • interior - complements the created style of the interior, introduces important accents, visually corrects the existing deficiencies of the room.

Like any other thing, this element of the interior has its own life and in certain cases requires replacement. But whether it is possible to simply throw it away is a question.

Can mirrors be thrown away

The mirror has long been credited with powerful magical properties. And in some rites, this subject is generally given a dominant role. It was the ability to reflect light that influenced the choice of this artifact by many magicians, sorcerers and witches for performing rituals.

Some people think that throwing away old mirrors is not allowed. In fact, this is not so - you can and even need to get rid of your old accessories, but you should follow some simple rules. To begin with, it’s worth understanding when it is time to throw this item in the trash. The following signs indicate this:

  • various damage to the mirror surface and very noticeable tarnishing - any, even the most minor attritions can radiate negative energy into space;
  • broken canvas - all fragments must be collected and discarded;
  • room repair or a radical change of scenery - a product that does not fit into the updated room cannot be left here;
  • dysfunctional former owners - if this item goes to you "by inheritance", getting rid of it is worth it immediately.

Why is it important to get rid of the old mirror correctly?

Experts in the field of occultism consider the mirror a kind of portal that opens the door to the other world. Whether this is true or not, we will not argue, but one thing is absolutely clear: any of them has powerful energy, which must be dealt with with extreme caution.

If you get rid of the old mirror paintings incorrectly, you can bring on yourself a lot of trouble. And the matter is not only in the energy of this artifact, although if you do not pay attention to this factor, you can literally bring trouble to yourself and your loved ones. There is a chance of injury due to fragments that fly apart if the glass breaks.

How to throw away an old mirror

If the canvas broke, then the fragments must be carefully collected, trying not to look at them. The fact is that for many years it must have accumulated a lot of negative energy that can be released due to a violation of the integrity of the subject.

Attention! When collecting fragments, be careful not to injure yourself.

It’s also impossible to throw splinters on the street or into a container just like that - for the same reason. The ideal option is to bury them in the ground under a large tree, and deeper, so that they can not be accidentally dug up by dogs and children. But it is possible in a container, only by packing in a durable canvas bag.

It is better not to break the whole canvas, but to place it near the container. It may turn out that someone will take it to their house.

And a few more important points:

  • throw the mirror only at the waning moon - this will help you get rid of the negative associated with it;
  • act alone;
  • Before you take out the mirror, do a few rituals.

Many people doubt the importance and effectiveness of rituals. Most likely, there is no magic here, but the harmful effects of adverse energy can be avoided. The rituals are extremely simple and do not require any sacrifices and drops of blood:

  • Before throwing the mirror, rinse it in running water (under the tap, in a stream or stream) - the water will take away the rest of the negative;
  • you can wash it with holy water instead;
  • sprinkle the object itself and the place on which you will put it, Thursday salt;
  • for a week in the place where the mirror stood, light a church candle daily.

And do not forget to install a new mirror in place of the old one.

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