How to stop falling asleep while the TV is on?

Among all bad habits, the habit of falling asleep with the TV turned on at first glance seems the most harmless. The fact is that a person lives in a world of sounds, and over time, the need for a sound background is formed. Falling asleep under a TV operating at medium volume is a fairly common occurrence. Read on about how this can affect your health and possible ways to get rid of this habit.

Good sleep is an important component of well-being and mood. However, science has not yet fully studied the nature of sleep. Therefore, opinions about whether it is possible to fall asleep under the included TV were divided. The main reasons indicating the negative effect of the TV on sleep include the following:

  • A working TV is a source of artificial light. British doctors conducted a series of studies and revealed the effect of a flickering screen on the human brain. The fact is that the hormone melatonin is responsible for the phases of sleep and wakefulness. It is he who reduces blood pressure, temperature and blood glucose. Hormone is produced only in complete darkness. Even with the smallest source in the room, the light hormone melatonin begins to form with less force, which leads to more depression, chronic insomnia and even diabetes.
  • The brain is loaded with extraneous information. Even being in a state of rest, the brain does not cease to perceive what is happening in real reality. So, in advance, it is worth abandoning transmissions with disasters and other negative events.
  • Harmful electromagnetic radiation. During sleep, a person is relaxed and poorly protected from the negative effects of harmful rays. Many scientists believe that this can lead to infertility, heart attack, mental and other diseases.
  • The air in the room becomes dry. When the TV is turned on, it not only raises the ambient temperature, but also degrades its quality.

ATTENTION!Numerous experiments have established that the blue light from the LEDs of tablets and smartphones especially inhibits the production of melatonin.

Noise has a negative effect on people's health. And in a dream, having completely relaxed, a person becomes especially vulnerable. In particular, sounds of 40-55 dB, which include a working refrigerator or air conditioning, make the sleep of most people restless. While the TV is turned on, it produces sound above 55 dB, leading to insomnia and irritation. However, there are sounds that, on the contrary, can improve the quality of sleep. These include relaxing music or the sounds of nature. True, in this case it is better to use a tape recorder.

IMPORTANT!Specially designed programs for phones record sounds and help to understand what exactly destabilizes a person’s sleep.

Surprisingly, you can get rid of this problem with the help of ordinary ear plugs. For starters, they can be used simply to suppress sound and to get used to them. In the future, they are put on even when the device is turned off. Perhaps the habit of sleeping with the TV on is just a psychological addiction that needs to be overcome.

REFERENCE!Some experts believe that the noise of the TV acts on a person as sleeping pills and is able to calm and relax the brain after a difficult working day.

Of course, it is necessary to find out the reason why a person can sleep only with a working device. It may be worth consulting with a psychologist and working with a specific problem. For example, many people are afraid of loneliness and unnecessary thoughts. It is also worth more carefully preparing for sleep. In particular, it is advisable to equip a resting place well, ventilate the bedroom, go to bed at the same time and much more. It should be understood that falling asleep to the sound of the TV is a bad habit that you need to get rid of.

Thus, from falling asleep with the TV on, there are more minuses than pluses. Sleep in complete darkness and silence preserves youth, supports immunity and human health.

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