Sewing machine rating

Sewing machine ratings are based on customer feedback. Obviously, the functionality, equipment and quality directly depends on the cost: the more expensive, the better and more. But even in the inexpensive class, cars can be distinguished that will be more attractive than others. The best models are selected below based on five ratings. They have an optimal price for their functionality and received the highest ratings from customers.

For home - top 10

The cost is indicated approximately in brackets. The top ten home models are ranked by price, from the cheapest to the most expensive:

  1. Singer 8280 P (7 thousand rubles) A ​​well-recognized electromechanical model with a romantic design. Advanced tailors will not satisfy, but for those who are just learning to sew, very good. It is easy to manage, reliable, sufficient functionality for the needs of beginners. In view of the price, it is very popular and has earned high marks; in many ratings it has the status of “customer choice”. It is appreciated for its lightness, compact size, economy, smooth operation, rather quiet operation (it starts to make noise at high speeds). It copes well with medium-density fabrics and even jeans folded several times, but it is better not to take it to work with leather or coat fabrics. An ideal choice for those who have just begun to learn sewing and are afraid to spend money on more complex equipment.
  2. Janome My Style 100 (8 thousand rubles). The model is not equipped with any frills, but for its price has excellent characteristics. It belongs to the type of electromechanical. The functionality is not extensive, but sufficient: 15 programmable stitches, stitch width - 5 mm, the presence of sewing, blind, elastic stitches, semi-automatic loops. The machine fits perfectly into the living conditions of the beginning dressmaker: compact, while heavy and stable, easy to use, almost silent, the set has all the paws, the working area is highlighted. It is best suited for working with medium-thick fabrics, but thanks to the tension regulator, the threads can cope with thin and thick. Less - the machine is for beginners, with large volumes of work can not cope.
  3. Aurora 7010 (9 thousand rubles). It belongs to the type of electromechanical. Its brightest plus is its low price. But at such a cost, it has excellent qualities: silent, well-equipped (you do not have to buy paws or accessories). In the presence of 12 sewing operations, sewing / overlock stitching, double needle, semi-automatic loop. The machine is very easy to use, does not cause difficulties even for those who have never sewed before.
  4. Janome Decor Computer 3050 / Decor Computer 50 (14 thousand rubles). Type - electronic. It stands out not only by price, but also by functionality. As the name implies, it was created specifically for decorating clothes and really has a lot of decorative lines, in addition to sewing. Ideal for quilters. In addition to the rich functionality for decorating things, the machine also has common advantages: silent operation, auto-loop, display, intuitive simple operation, attached Russian-language instruction for beginners.
  5. Singer 7467 Confidence (15 thousand rubles). Type - electronic. One of the best in its class. Very high ratings from buyers. It has no drawbacks when comparing price and quality. A substantial number of operations, their number reaches 70. This is almost comparable to the popular model Bernina B 350, which performs 85 operations, but costs about 70 thousand. Singer 7467 Confidence performs three types of loops, it is pleasant in operation, does not make noise, it has high-quality backlight, a decent maximum stitch length (7 mm), an electronic display that shows the progress of work.
  6. Janome JK 220S (16 thousand rubles). Super popular electromechanical model with a huge number of reviews. 22 operations, a reliable-type shuttle (vertical), recommended for those who perform large volumes of work, an auto-loop, all the necessary lines to create a full-fledged product, including countersunk and hemming - the machine has excellent functionality. She is praised for intuitively simple operation, noiselessness and excellent features: she takes any fabrics, and the quality of the stitch is excellent. The model is highly appreciated by advanced dressmakers.
  7. Janome MyExcel W23-U (18 thousand rubles). Type - electromechanical. The model works great with thick fabrics, thanks to the highly understood foot and needle puncture stabilizer. She is often called a machine for sewing leather goods. It is good for working with any kind of knitwear - there is a suitable needle immediately in the package. Valued for "omnivorous." A relative plus - the model has already been very well tested by customers, some have been using it for more than a decade, and we can draw conclusions about how durable and reliable the device is, and also make a purchase with a full understanding of the minuses. In separate reviews, it is noted that the machine is outdated, but even these buyers emphasize that for home use it is a universal and good choice.
  8. Janome DC 4030 (18 thousand rubles.) One of the most versatile and enjoyable machines with electronic control. Highly appreciated by both amateurs and professionals. A wide selection of lines makes it suitable for patchwork and quilting. Performs 6 types of loops, including knitwear. The speed is regulated very smoothly. Reliable, silent, provides high-quality line, develops high speed both in panel control and pedal. Not too powerful, but enough for home needs. A small minus is a weak backlight, it is better to immediately change the light bulb.
  9. Brother INNOV-'IS 10 (22 thousand rubles). Interesting model with electronic control at an affordable price. At first it attracts the attention of the brand - all Brother machines are given a good warranty period and after-sales service is presented - this is a brand advantage. But Brother INNOV-'IS 10 itself is a successful alloy of qualities. It is considered one of the best for beginners. It has good functionality: 16 operations, a puncture force stabilizer, an auto loop, a convenient display and the ability to sew without a pedal. This model is very handy - clear and simple operation, ease of operation make it one of the best.
  10. Sewing machine Janome 4120 QDC (40 thousand rubles). It has computer control. Devices at such a price are bought by more demanding customers, but it is about the Janome 4120 QDC that there are a lot of reviews and all are very positive. The machine is very "smart", pampering its users, taking on a lot of functions. All errors (thread tangles, wrong needle number) will be immediately displayed. There is a function of “one press on the pedal - one stitch”, non-stop sewing for programmed ornaments, a huge number of settings - some types of loops 7 pieces. A real find for generalists or those who sew complex fabrics: knitwear, genuine leather, curtains. The machine not only copes with them, but also shows high quality work.

NOTE. The Astra Lux 7350 Pro is similar to the Janome 4120 QDC in terms of functionality, reviews and ratings. But it will cost almost half the price - 24 thousand rubles. You can consider it.

For professional seamstresses - top 5

Requirements for professional use machines are increased: they must be reliable in operation, withstand heavy loads without breakdowns, and ensure high quality stitches even at very high speeds. On average, they are more expensive. The top five:

  1. Brother INNOV-'IS 950 / 950D (40 thousand rubles). Management - computer, especially appreciated by those involved in embroidery. Despite the fact that in this rating it is the cheapest model, it has the only embroidery unit. Users unanimously note that multifunctionality is the first plus of this model.
  2. Janome Memory Craft 6600P (50 thousand rubles). It copes with any tasks: from sewing kilometer-long curtains to evening dresses. Works with different fabrics, will satisfy those who work in the technique of quilting. The number of operations - 152. Management - electronic, there is a sewing adviser.
  3. Bernina 550 QE (80 thousand rubles). The machine is electronically controlled. Ideal for those who work with quilt. The program already has 200 stitches, even in professional studios only a part of them is used. The number of sewing operations is 191, the maximum stitch width is 5.5 mm, 10 types of loops.
  4. Bernina B 530 (100 thousand rubles). Type of control - electronic. 148 operations, 7 types of loops, maximum stitch width 5.5 mm. Users together note the simplicity and unpretentiousness of this model with its excellent functionality. It is compact, economical, great for a small business or atelier at home.
  5. Bernina B 750 QE (250 thousand rubles). Computer-controlled machine: 333 sewing operations, maximum stitch width - 9 mm, 11 types of loops. According to reviews - incredibly pleasant and easy to manage. It works flawlessly.

IMPORTANT. For professional home sewing, models with a rotary vertical shuttle should be considered. It is he who withstands high speeds and large volumes of work. Of the brands - Bernina and Brother, these brands offer the highest quality technical service, and their products as a whole demonstrate high reliability.

Of course, these are not all interesting models on the basis of price-quality. However, each of the described machines can become a purchase that will satisfy completely. All of them have excellent potential, in their class they have been repeatedly recognized as the best and are distinguished by the price that is optimal for their functions.

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