Laminate with a bevel, photo in the interior

Laminate is a unique material for flooring, which is very easy to choose for any interior.

Products are made from individual components with the addition of wood chips. To make the planks maximally imitate a natural board, manufacturers supplement the material with visual attributes.

Today, laminate with a bevel is gaining great popularity.

Chamfered laminate in the interior

These products are very popular both among construction companies involved in the decoration of premises, and among private developers. This is due to the optimal ratio - quality-price. Manufacturers are constantly working on manufacturing technologies, trying to offer consumers the highest quality product.

Not so long ago, another version of the laminate appeared, in which each plank is equipped with a chamfer. In fact, this is a classic flooring, on which the ends are slightly cut off on the lamellas. The shape and angle of cut depends on the specific production technology.

Each board is equipped with a locking device, while the laying methods of each type have remained unchanged, the only difference is that when arranging the flooring, a small depression is formed between the lamellas, which are used to maximize the similarity of the material with a natural board.

Important! There is no fundamental difference between the installation of a classic laminate and chamfered collections.

The main task that designers solved when arranging a chamfer was the maximum similarity of a floor covering to a natural one. Straight lamellas laid on the surface in accordance with all the rules form a smooth surface that looks artificially. Even a relief board, laid without joints, has a not quite colorful look. Therefore, collections with a chamfer of several types appeared on sale.

  1. V-shaped - has a direct cut of a certain parameter and when the lamellae are joined, a V-shaped recess is formed.
  2. U-shaped - a curly, aesthetic cut, which when connecting the planks forms a rounded recess.
  3. Shallow - with a depth of only 2 mm;
  4. Deep - has a parameter greater than 2 mm;
  5. Bilateral - the saw cut is located only on the long sides of the board;
  6. Four-sided - corners are cut off on all sides of the lamella.

Chamfer on the laminate allows you to bring the material closer in appearance to a board made of solid wood. And if such an attribute is added to narrow lamellas, then they become like parquet.

Modern photos in the interior of a laminate apartment with a chamfer

Chamfered laminate matched to the color scheme can transform any room, for example:

  • with the help of dark-colored flooring, you can harmoniously combine the kitchen with the living room;

  • if you apply a laminate with a shade of "white oak" as a floor, you will get a weightless, transparent interior;

  • designers advise combining shades - the light floor perfectly combines with a dark laminate, which is decorated with one of the walls;
  • if for the bedroom to choose a shade of lamellas close to natural wood, then with the naked eye it can not be distinguished from natural material;

  • thanks to the chamfer, you can recreate the original interior, if you combine the laminate finish not only on the floor and walls, but also on the ceiling - in this case, the main thing is to choose the right color palette;
  • to complement the Scandinavian style in the design of the apartment, apply material that mimics old boards;

  • luxury in the decoration of the apartment can add a laminate with a bevel with imitation of parquet painted like mahogany or oak.


Chamfered laminate is a great solution for apartment owners who are trying to create an attractive interior at an affordable price.

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