Carpet or laminate is better

Starting to repair a room, you need to clearly imagine how it should look after completion of all finishing work. An important stage in the design of future design is the choice of flooring. Inexperienced customers are usually lost in stores, deciding whether to choose a laminate or carpet, or perhaps apply some other floor covering. To make the right choice, you need to know all the advantages and disadvantages of the material.

Pros and cons of carpet

In appearance, the carpet resembles an ordinary palace with a long pile. It is incredibly soft and creates a cozy atmosphere in the room. However, the price of natural and environmentally friendly options is quite high. As an alternative, many buyers choose a cheaper synthetic carpet, but its service life is several times shorter.

Important! The most important advantage is softness and beauty. A cozy home environment is created through the use of such a floor covering, you want to walk on it, feeling a soft pile under your feet.

The main disadvantages of the carpet are:

  • the ability to push through heavy furniture;
  • difficulty in leaving;
  • the uselessness of dry cleaning when removing particularly difficult stains.

There are drawbacks, but they are not critical. Many people give their preference to this material, especially for the design of bedrooms and children's rooms. At the same time, it’s quite easy to lay a carpet on your own surface on any surface and the floor will never be too cold.

Pros and cons of laminate flooring

The main advantage of the laminate is its maintainability. The boards are easily assembled into a single design and disassembled, which makes it possible to easily replace them without disassembling the entire floor when one or more slats are damaged.

In addition, the laminate is very beautiful and durable, gives a special atmosphere to the room. Caring for this type of coating is very simple, it is unpretentious.

The main disadvantage of the laminate is the difficulty in installing it. The procedure involves a multi-stage process with preliminary alignment and the use of additional materials.

Important! Laminate should not be laid on an uneven surface, as this will shorten its useful life and quickly ruin its ideal appearance.

Comparative analysis

Carpet and laminate are considered one of the most popular types of flooring. This is due to the wide variety of choices in the stores of finishing materials, as well as a fairly flexible price for both products. They are available to almost every citizen of our country.

To choose the best coverage, you need to consider several factors:

  • a room where the material will be used (in the bedroom, where the pollution is minimal, you can lay a carpet, and in rooms with high traffic per day, for example, in the living room or kitchen, it is better to use a laminate);
  • "weather" in the room (if the apartment has cold floors, it is better to choose a carpet, it will reliably protect the feet from coolness);
  • Personal preferences (many housewives refuse a beautiful and effective carpet in favor of a laminate, because the first one needs too careful care).

It is rather difficult to determine specifically what is better and what is worse, it all depends on personal preferences. Each housewife must independently choose the option of flooring. Many modern designers even offer spectacular combinations using these two types of flooring.

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