Which linoleum to choose for the hall

As a rule, the whole family gathers in the living room to spend free time in this room. There is a lot of traffic, therefore, such a coating should be carefully selected from the highest quality options with increased wear resistance.

Rules for choosing linoleum in the hall

Remains a popular and often used flooring for the hall - linoleum. This material can be purchased at affordable prices, and its quality is quite high. It has a long service life, comes with a diverse design, is safe.

When buying, you should pay attention to such points:

  • there should not be a pungent odor characteristic of harmful substances;
  • the drawing must be properly drawn;
  • the presence of a protective layer to ensure the duration of operational properties.

When choosing linoleum, you should also pay attention to its thickness. Optimal for the hall is considered more than 1.5-2 mm. For more stable models, this figure is 3-4 mm. The material can easily withstand a large load, and will also have good thermal insulation properties.

The wear resistance of such a coating, which can serve a fairly long period, should be higher than 21-23. Such flooring can be used without replacement for about 8-10 years.

The choice depending on the interior of the hall

An important criterion for choosing linoleum for this room is the selection of colors so that it harmonizes with the interior of the room. To give an accent to the coating, the shade is selected in such a way that it contrasts with the main color of the room, walls, ceiling and furniture.

To make it look harmonious, it is recommended to pick up several large accessories in the room to match the tone of the floor. To do this, you can use floor vases, textiles, coasters, lamps or souvenirs.

Linoleum of white shades will look spectacular only if the entire interior consists of ultra-modern elements. With this design move, the furniture will seem to soar in the air. But such a coloring will not work if the house has small children or pets.

Remember! Light furniture comes in well with any furniture. In addition, it helps visually embroider a small room.

It is almost impossible to distinguish a laminate from linoleum under a laminate. The material will look stylish and beautiful, but on condition that it has high quality.

The sandy shades are suitable for the classic interior, as well as with drawings made in oriental style.

The benefits of such flooring in the hall

The possibility of damaging linoleum in the living room is lower than, for example, in the kitchen, where hot products, kitchen utensils, heavy and sharp objects can fall on it, and due to regular pollution, detergents must be applied. This feature, when used, makes it possible to lay linoleum of not the highest quality in such a room.

It is preferable that the linoleum for the hall has a felt base and a PVC coating. No less suitable can also be considered a jute base. This is a versatile and fairly durable material. It's nice to step on it barefoot. It is very easy to care for him, just wipe it with a wet rag.

Note! Today you can find varieties of linoleum with a bactericidal property. This option will be especially relevant if the family has children.

Even if pets live in the apartment, laying linoleum for rooms is also considered the best solution. This coating has good antistatic properties, the wool will not be attracted to it. In the presence of pets, one of the main conditions of the floor covering should be its thickness so that it does not deteriorate from the claws. Which house linoleum to choose for the hall is chosen by each host at their discretion.

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