Gray laminate: which wallpaper is suitable

One of the important interior solutions is the choice of flooring. In many ways, it determines the picture of the interior of the room. There are quite a few suggestions to choose from, but a separate line is highlighted for the gray laminate in the assortment.

The material of this color is practical and has a long service life. It fits many styles perfectly. The main advantage of gray floors is the visual invisibility of scratches and stains. Let’s figure out which wallpaper is suitable for such a floor covering.

Wallpaper for gray laminate

When deciding on such a laminate, you should carefully consider every little thing. Equally important in this case is given to the coloring of wall-paper, shades of decor, etc. Design mistakes in this matter threaten to turn into utter bad taste.

Rules for making a harmonious combination

In the modern world, gray laminate is considered the embodiment of elegance and restraint, aristocracy and practicality. Photos in fashion magazines confirm: it looks great in both classic and minimalist interiors of bedrooms, offices, living rooms, corridors, kitchens.

But you need to consider the following points.

  • Laminate color "gray oak" is recommended for a warm interior. When sunlight penetrates well into a room, or colors of warm shades prevail in it.
  • If the room is poorly lit, then the dark floor will make it gloomy and mournful.
  • An excess of gray tones will inevitably create an uncomfortable atmosphere in the room. Therefore, they should not prevail in the general gamut. Properly selected wallpapers, as well as all kinds of bright decor items, shading dull grayness, will help to avoid this.
  • The neutrality of this floor makes it similar to the canvas of the artist, which will become an indispensable field for creating a beautiful picture of the interior. While the views of those present will be riveted to the design of walls, window openings, furniture, etc.

What wallpaper to choose for a gray laminate

Proper use of this flooring will make the interior truly unique. Wallpaper you can buy any, to the taste of the owner.

  • If you want to walls of the same color, you need to take textured wallpaper, a little lighter or darker than the floor.
  • He is beautiful in harmony with all shades of white, black, as well as cold pastel colors.
  • It creates a special cosiness a combination of beige wallpapers and that gender. You can use a wall covering with small yellow and raspberry splashes.
  • Orange, violet, pink colors will give a bright glamor to the room.

On a note! Green, red, saturated lilac color in the interior will add some difficulty in perception and a sense of disharmony.

The choice of wallpaper for a gray laminate with different shades

Most often, at first they spontaneously buy a gray flooring, and only then they start thinking about the wallpaper. There is nothing complicated in this, since this color is absolutely universal. But should rely on the color scheme set by the selected shade.

  • Warm colors favor the choice of a wall covering of a similar, soft perception of color.
  • A cold shade requires a cool color scheme for the walls.

You can try to carefully beat the contrast of heat / cold. But this requires a subtle designer taste and talent. If you have chosen a laminate of this noble shade, then the first step to a stylish interior has already been taken!

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