4K TV - what does it mean

The quality of the TV resolution is a key parameter for the vast majority of users.

After the Full HD format appeared, many manufacturers of digital technology made a lot of efforts to attract the attention of the mass consumer even more. Despite numerous attempts to increase interest with 3D TVs, such an attempt failed.

However, users were interested in increasing the resolution, and hence the quality of the "picture" on the screen. The advantage of a more colorful and vibrant picture does not require any additional explanation. That is why the new technology, called Ultra HD, has become so popular.

Let's see what this function means.

4K UHD TV Receivers

Televisions made using this new technology have been around for a long time.

reference. 4K format was opened more than ten years ago, back in 2005.

The main difference of all TV receivers supporting this technology is that they are able to demonstrate surprisingly high quality. In the near future, such devices will be able to supplant obsolete technologies that have long been replaced by something new.

Despite the fact that such gadgets are quite expensive, over time they will become cheaper and become much more affordable.

What is 4K on TV

4K image - that's as much as 8 million pixels! This adds a whole host of benefits. These include:

  • exclusively high quality "pictures";
  • excellent color reproduction;
  • enviable realistic image.

Moreover, this The technology allows achieving an expanded color spectrum and an increased frame rate.

Such an image can not be compared with other formats. After all, it looks so cool that it seems as if the “picture” from the monitor is about to come to life.

Pros and cons of 4K resolution

Like any other technology, 4K resolution has its advantages and disadvantages. There is nothing surprising. However, everyone who is going to buy a TV that supports high resolution needs to know about all the nuances and features of 4K.


  • Among the advantages it is worth noting actual screen refresh rate. In this case, it can reach 200 Hz. That is why The image looks perfect.
  • In addition, many viewers it will surprise you how realistic what is happening on the screen. Moreover, you can feel like one of the heroes of the movie scene.
  • Transitions from one shade to another will allow you to see the full range of natural colors.
  • The 4K function on TVs is a true dream for gamers. After all video games on these devices look amazing.
  • These receivers can also be recommended to those who are professionally engaged in photography. Editing and processing photos on such a screen is much easier.


  • Among the shortcomings can be noted cost. 4K TVs are significantly more expensive. This can be an extremely powerful argument for many buyers, especially today. After all, these TVs are related to imported products, and the situation of the national currency is worse than ever.
  • Another disadvantage is that 4K format is more of a choice for home theaters, but not a small TV. After all, to notice any difference during home viewing (compared with less advanced TV models) is not so simple.

Overview of 4K UHD TVs


This tv boasts rich functionality and relatively low power consumption. An excellent viewing angle and 231 to 1 contrast ratio are the best proof that this the model can be used both for the living room and for a small home theater.

During work the gadget consumes 161 watts. In the equipment can be found immediately 3 x HDMI. Special attention deserves immediately 4 tuners.

We can say with confidence that this TV will not disappoint its owners not because of its appearance or because of its functionality. With this, he is in perfect order.

Philips 55POS901F

This time The model boasts Smart TV, cable, satellite and digital tuners. This is quite enough to make the life of almost every modern person at least a little easier.

The screen refresh rate in this case reaches 120 Hz. This will be enough to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding users.

A decent indicator of brightness and moderate power during operation - these are a few trump cards of this model from Philips.

Sony KD-55XE9305

55 inch diagonal - This is a convincing argument in favor of acquiring this TV model from a renowned Japanese manufacturer.

It is not surprising that many buyers choose it. What is at least worthProvider of power consumption. It reaches only 79 watts. The highest possible the brightness indicator reaches 1666 cd per square. m Viewing angle and at all is fantastic 178 degrees.

It is difficult to imagine a more advanced TV model than this product from the Japanese company Sony. However, the appearance of the gadget will also not disappoint anyone. It’s immediately obvious that true professionals worked on the design.

4K UHD - Premium Models

Samsung QE65Q8CAM

This premium model from a Korean manufacturer is a clear example of how far technology has taken a step in recent years.

Interpolation in 3200 PQI, excellent display refresh rate, 5008 to 1 contrast and many other characteristics emphasize the quality of this device once again..

A reason for special pride is Direct LED backlight. Such a TV can be put into any place in a house or apartment without any doubt. He will definitely like both those who like to watch movies and lovers of dynamic sports (football, basketball and so on).

Sony KD-65XE9305

Edge LED backlight - This is a big step in creating the perfect image. This TV model has everything that you could only dream of before. In particular, it is worth noting 3D technology, and Smart TV, screen refresh rate and maximum contrast, excellent viewing angle (35 34 degrees).

All this, coupled with excellent design and branded Japanese quality, makes it possible to call such a TV a true role model.

It is impossible not to mention the fact that all presented TV models boast the presence of a number of innovative features. Among them, one can note voice control, as well as the ability to control gestures, synchronization with many other devices, as well as the adaptation function, which allows you to get exceptionally high-quality and adapted image directly during television broadcasting.

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