White curtains in the bedroom interior: photos

It is generally accepted that the white color in the premises resembles a hospital, but it is more likely associated with sails. The right choice and the right combination is the key to a positive opinion about the curtains in white.

How to choose white curtains for the bedroom

Composition, style and lighting are the three main blocks that you should rely on when choosing negotiated curtains. The location of the room as a whole depends on their location in the bedroom.

The maximum elevation of the curtains from the floor to the cornice should be 1-1.5 cm. In modern times, it is fashionable to leave a length of 20-50 cm so that they lie on the floor. Usually the curtain is mounted on the window, leaving no room for it on the wall. If you move the curtains, it creates a visual fraud that the opening continues behind them.

Such a solution will be correct in composition and will improve natural lighting. Height is also important, because low-placed curtains greatly reduce ceilings.

Creating a mood depends on the style of white curtains. They can bring texture, the high cost of the room. The style is determined not by the print, but by the degree of drapery, therefore, there are coefficients for calculating the amount of fabric when choosing a curtain:

  1. To light materials beautifully lay, the required width is multiplied by 3.
  2. For splendor, medium-density fabrics are multiplied by 2.5.
  3. The coefficient of dense tissue is 2: 1.

For curtains with sewn hinges or eyelets, the minimum coefficient is relevant - 1.5. So they will not assemble when the window is closed and will bring the Scandinavian style to the bedroom interior. The numbers obtained in the calculations are divided into two, since the paintings are purchased separately. It will be useful to add a spare 5 cm.

Attention! Of the optimal materials, a flying veil, supple linen, silk or satin, cotton, royal jacquard are noted. All of them are exquisite and can be combined, and the difference is mainly in price.

Combination with other colors

The combination of white with light turquoise in the form of decor will add bright color accents to the bedroom. The hue should be gentle and only frame the main color around the edges to make it look good.

Beige or gray shades of different color saturation are also suitable. In general, all neutral tones are combined with white tulle. The field for creativity here should be a bedspread or bed linen, to which an additional color is selected.

In addition, white has a huge number of shades:

  • Ivory;
  • egg shell color;
  • vanilla;
  • coconut;
  • lactic;
  • ash white.

Important! White is appropriate in any interior - this is its main uniqueness. For the same reason, he will never go out of style. But today the negotiated curtain is especially popular in gray, green, blue and brown rooms. All of these tones can be combined with each other.

The advantages of white curtains for the bedroom

Window frames are often made in white. If you hang colored blinds or Roman curtains, then it will consist of different-sized rectangles. In such a situation, the curtain as close as possible in color will refresh any walls and will not break out of the interior.

Calm curtains soften the contrast of the space. This allows you to hang the entire wall, if desired, which is important for the bedroom, especially if it is necessary to hide imperfections, such as batteries.

When the sun's rays fall into the room and are reflected from the white curtains, the room becomes visually lighter and larger. Because of its neutrality and versatility, white makes it possible to experiment with drawings, metal pickups, velvet frames and more.

Snow-white curtains are no less practical than any other, but give a feeling of cleanliness, comfort and a rich style. They are able to calm and pacify when placed in the bedroom, because they do not interrupt windows and do not bother at all.

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