Types of folding beds

In apartments with a small area, it often happens that there is not enough space for a comfortable location of guests or even those living in the house. In this situation, a clamshell will help. There are various types of folding beds and you should understand their classification if you plan to purchase such a design for yourself.

Clamshell Benefits

You can rest assured that a rollaway bed will become an indispensable and inconspicuous object in your home. It is quite simple to fold and decompose when necessary. When folded, it takes up very little space. For these reasons, even in the smallest apartment with such a design, you can quickly arrange an extra bed.

In order for your purchase to be successful, you should understand the basic parameters for choosing clamshells.

The main types

The following varieties can be distinguished according to their purpose:

  1. City and country. These are budget models that can be made with various mounting options. They hide well under the bed. This design can be easily transported if necessary.
  2. Tourist and hiking. These designs are in demand among nature lovers. They are lightweight. About 6 kg. They differ from previous models in compactness, they can be placed in a case. They are carried out with support legs and a berth.
  3. Children's designs. They differ from ordinary models in their size and, of course, compactness.

When choosing a specific model for the home, pay attention to make it durable and comfortable.

What about the foundations?

Before making the final choice in favor of a particular clamshell model, you must also see how its berth is arranged, your comfort will depend on this criterion. By the type of base, the following types of beds can be distinguished:

  • The classic design uses dense and wear-resistant material, which is stretched around the entire perimeter with the help of springs.
  • The model of the shell mesh. This is a metal weave that is attached to the frame using galvanized springs.
  • Spring Snake. It is made with curved rods, and they are attached by springs to the base only on the short side. The design is made on slats. This model is more like a regular, stationary bed.

These are the main features that you should definitely focus on.

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