How to make a safe

Everyone has jewelry and important things that others do not need to know about. Since the beginning of time, people have learned to store, hide and protect their prey from ruin and robbery. In the process of evolution and technological progress, mankind has been actively developing more and more new ways of storing and protecting its property. At the moment, the best of the developments is a safe. This is a unique device that can save money or valuable items and prevent their theft.

Now there are different models. The most modern are equipped with an electronic system for recognizing biometric data. Depending on the value of things that need to be hidden, the level of protection also changes. But sometimes it happens that a safe in stores is more expensive than the items themselves stored in it. In this case, it is worth thinking about the independent development of such a design that would become a reliable repository for your jewelry and cost inexpensively. We suggest you make a safe yourself.

Such devices are designed to perform specific tasks, so there are certain requirements for their design. First of all, safes are used to ensure the safety of property. Therefore, to create them, you need special drawings and materials.

Keeping weapons in safes is not only a whim of the owner, but also a prerequisite in accordance with the law. It is these safes that are the most versatile and can easily be made independently. In this article, we describe several ways to create and install structures for storage and share step-by-step manufacturing instructions.

REFERENCE! A special license is required for storing weapons.

In any case, devices of this kind should have a number of mandatory parameters and characteristics.

Basically any similar design should be:

  1. It is steady against influence of adverse environmental factors (despite the fact that the safe is in the house).
  2. Comply with all requirements and installation rules, which are prescribed in the articles of the law.
  3. Have a castle.
  4. Have sufficient capacity - in the case of weapons at the rate of at least 30 cm in width per unit.

Depending on the model, the requirements can be adjusted and you need to focus on what you need. It is easy enough to find a model of interest in a store, but they are often unreasonably expensive. Therefore, we will teach you how to design a drawing at home and construct such a cabinet with a secret.

The first and most important step will be to determine the dimensions of the safe. To do this, you need to carefully choose the place and method of installation of the future product. It is very important that the room meets all the basic requirements and is securely hidden from prying eyes. To mask, there are several basic tricks.

The most reliable and convenient option is to embed a drawer in a furniture set or wall. To do this, you need to remove the dimensions from the furniture and add a special extension to the structure.

IMPORTANT! With this method, it is important to consider that the future design should have a distance between the inner and outer walls of 1-2 cm and stand strictly perpendicular to the floor surface.

Another simplest option is masking by decorative gluing with a film that imitates the color of wood.

The cabinet can be made of any length and shape according to individual measurements. It can be overall or small - depending on the purpose. The elements that make up the product must be displayed in the diagram:

  1. The frame of the future box.
  2. Five walls that are inserted into the frame strictly in size without gaps and gaps.
  3. Door.
  4. Place of fastening of loops and the lock.
  5. Legs for the cabinet.

ATTENTION! The larger the scale of the drawing, the more detail you can show all the important details. It is advisable to make a diagram in several projections, assembled and disassembled.

The whole structure is a metal box with stiffening ribs, sheathed inside with sheets of iron. Additional features include a lock, hinges with mounts and legs.

After you have decided on the choice of place and drafted the final plan of the finished product, you can begin to manufacture it. The following materials and tools will be required for the work:

  1. Corner to create a frame. The total length is obtained by adding the lengths of all sides of the box. It is better to take with a margin, because in the process of welding and fastening a little more material may be required.
  2. Sheet metal of optimum thickness 3-5 mm.
  3. Depending on the height of the future product, 2-3 hinges for the door will be required.
  4. Mounts for shelves.
  5. Legs.
  6. Welding machine.
  7. Grinder for metal.
  8. Level.

The execution order is quite simple and almost everyone can implement it. In the process, periodically check the plan to prevent errors in the design:

  1. Using a grinder, saw off the size of sheet metal and corners.
  2. We weld the corners together to create the base. It should be a hollow box.
  3. Inside we weld the walls. There should be no gaps between the parts!
  4. We attach hinges to the door, and then attach it to the main body.
  5. Add the legs to the safe. All actions are performed under the control of the angle of inclination using the level. This is important because an improperly placed cabinet will not be able to close normally and such a product will be useless.

IMPORTANT! Perform all work observing safety precautions and use personal protective equipment.

The safe is almost ready, it remains to make the main part. As a lock, it is recommended to use a conventional padlock or code. These options are easy to install, inexpensive and fairly reliable. Place the safe in a pre-selected location and install it vertically. Now everything is ready, you can clean your personal belongings and not worry about them. Now they are reliably protected.

Watch the video: Build a Safe with Combination Number Lock from Cardboard (March 2020).


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