How to clean a wardrobe mirror without stains

Dust, fingerprints, a whitish coating, tarnishing and stains on the mirror are typical problems for owners of sliding wardrobes. The situation is aggravated by the size of the reflective surface: it is large, which is why it takes a lot of time to take care of it. It will be possible to reduce the cleaning time by choosing the right equipment and taking people's advice.

Simple ways to clean a mirror without streaks

To work with reflective and glossy surfaces, special wet wipes were invented. You can buy them in furniture and hardware stores. However, miracles should not be expected from them. For general cleaning, they are not suitable, just as for removing complex stains. In these cases, it is worth stocking up with rags, as well as a good home or industrial detergent.

Shop Facilities

When choosing, pay attention to the composition. Key points and comments:

  • isopropyl alcohol evaporates quickly, leaving no traces, and is also effective against not old fat stains;
  • ammonia successfully copes with persistent and greasy contaminations more successfully than the previous version, but can leave behind stains and products from it are often very flavored (additives interrupt the specific smell of ammonia);
  • vegetable surfactants always smell good, rarely cause allergies, but are much more expensive than similar products;
  • the combination of benzyl alcohol and anionic surfactants guarantees a quick cleansing of the surface, but repels with an unpleasant odor (quickly and easily erodes).

If you decide to buy a product with a surfactant, take a look at MEITAN HOME. It is a highly concentrated flavored liquid for processing glossy and reflective surfaces. Suitable for the care of marble, glass, acrylic, mirrors, chrome and plastic items. Eliminates not only small spots, but also persistent stubborn pollution (organic and inorganic).

Synergetic products stand out among isopropyl alcohol sprays. This brand can be found biodegradable chemistry for mirrors with antistatic, antibacterial, hypoallergenic properties. And such a tool will cost 2-3 times cheaper than MEITAN.

IMPORTANT! Do not wash your home sliding wardrobes with car fluids. They are very concentrated, so they can not be used indoors (can cause migraines).

Folk recipes for cleaning a wardrobe mirror

Consider a few simple and affordable ways to clean your mirror.

Newspaper and Pure Water

Ideally, the water should be well, and not from the tap. The latter contains disinfectants, metal particles and other impurities, due to which whitish stains may appear on the mirror. If only tap water is at hand, then it is better to abandon it and take a means for washing mirrors. The newspaper can be replaced with 2-layer toilet paper (a single layer will get wet and torn faster) or with a paper towel.

Principle of the method:

  • wash the mirror with water and a rag (you can not worry about stains at this stage) and let the surface dry;
  • pour well water into the spray bottle (or take detergent);
  • spray liquid on a limited area of ​​the mirror;
  • wipe the sprayed surface with a newspaper (from top to bottom and evenly pressing on the sheet);
  • Remove residual stains in a circular motion using a newspaper or kapron.

Tea and salt

Brew strong tea, add 1 tbsp. spoon of salt, mix and soak a solution of kapron rags. Wipe the mirror to a shine.

Chalk and Vinegar

Take vinegar, chalk and water in equal proportions, mix. Preheat. Leave on for 15 minutes, and then strain (drain the liquid). Wipe the mirror with a mixture, then remove its remnants and polish the cabinet.

Ammonia and chalk

The ingredients are taken in equal proportions. Rub the contaminated areas with the resulting slurry (do not work with bare hands, use a rag and gloves).

IMPORTANT! In all recipes, the chalk is replaced with tooth powder, and before applying, make sure that the substances are completely dissolved. If this does not happen, the powdery ingredient will scratch the mirror.

Rubbing vegetables

Cut potatoes or onions. Place the cut rub the mirror. After washing off the root juice with water and polishing with a rag.

Method against traces of hairspray

To get rid of this kind of impurities, spray them with an alcohol-based product and then rub them with a paper towel.

IMPORTANT! To reduce dust settling, wash with green tea. Milk works against tarnishing. Divorced blue will give shine.

The reasons for the appearance of ugly marks on the mirror

Some stains - fingerprints, splashes from wet shoes or clothes - are natural and appear during the proper operation of the cabinet. Other spots occur due to the fault of the owners (traces of the activity of insects, stains from a detergent). Sometimes the cause of what is happening should be sought in external factors. For example, in violation of technology by the manufacturer. Thus, non-observance by the furniture factory of standards can lead to unreasonable clouding of the mirror.

IMPORTANT! There are detergents that leave streaks in any use. These are just low-quality products. Hard water also leaves blurry spots.

How to wash a mirror

Useful notes:

  • do not leave stains of microfiber rags, polypropylene fiber and natural suede;
  • matte and tinted mirrors should not be processed with the same means and tools as conventional ones (only certain products based on surfactants and isopropyl alcohol are suitable);
  • first you need to remove dirt from the entire mirror (wash it completely), then seriously remove serious dirt, for example, greasy, and only after that proceed to thorough washing without streaks;
  • a fresh stain from a matte sliding wardrobe is removed with a dishwashing gel (ineffective against chronic stains).

Nylon is suitable for polishing. They work in circular motions.

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