What is ham

Purchased ham is appetizing and tasty. On this, its advantages end, because emulsifiers and stabilizers are the minimum of additives that are included in the composition of an expensive product. Manufacturers claim that they use only harmless chemistry. Doctors doubt it. Those who try to eat only wholesome products have the opportunity not to monitor the confrontation between doctors and industrialists, but to cook aromatic yummy on their own, using a simple device.

What is ham

To cook appetizing ham, you will need any meat or poultry, some spices, a pan or a slow cooker and a device that can compress processed foods without losing juice. It is this appliance that is ham.

What does it look like

It is easy to recognize. It resembles a large elongated tin can, the lid of which is pressed by springs. The case of a classic ham can be round or square. It has holes and grooves for fixing the springs that hold the lid and pull it in the direction of the bottom of the tank.

Sealed ham, which is not provided for serving adjustment, are only round. The spring of these models is built into the top cover. From it, the pressure is transmitted to the internal.

Appointment of the device

The task of ham is to compress products during cooking and prevent them from drying out. Juices are preserved due to the high level of impermeability of the case or with the help of auxiliary means (foil, sleeve or bag for baking). Pressure is provided by springs tightening the cover. Regardless of the type of heat treatment, ham guarantees the preparation of meat, poultry or fish in its own juice. It is thanks to this that the dishes acquire a characteristic taste, aroma and appearance.


Basic equipment includes:

  • round or square mold;
  • 2 covers;
  • springs, the number of which is usually 3 or 4.

Sometimes manufacturers retrofit ham with foil, baking bags, a thermometer or a collection of recipes. Such a bonus is undoubtedly pleasant. But it affects the final cost. Therefore, it makes sense to take a closer look - is the base craft hiding itself with additional equipment.

What is she, a quality ham?

Model dishes from top manufacturers are exemplary. Redmond, Smile, Endever, Beloboka offer a wide range of high-quality classic or sealed stainless steel ham. Polish Biowin focuses on the convenience of using single-spring impermeable molds. Chinese Tescoma is in solidarity with the Poles, but along the way it also proves that plastic ham is not inferior to steel in durability and practicality.

The right of choice always remains with the cook, as he acquires dishes in accordance with his needs and capabilities.Ham products from little-known brands please with lower cost and may not be inferior in quality to molds from skilled manufacturers. But you should refuse to purchase if:

  • the walls of the tank are too thin - such steel tends to rust;
  • the bottom of the ham is fixed - it’s not possible to wash it well;
  • plastic stinks - this is not a food option; when heated, it also releases toxins;
  • thin springs - they are unreliable, soon you will have to look for new ones;
  • the edges are poorly processed - during operation, it is easy to cut about them.

In the case when there are no such problems, you can safely purchase your favorite dishes and prepare original, tasty dishes in it.

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