How to store bags in a closet

Quite often, women have many bags. They differ in color, shape, material. This is a kind of accessory that is not only used for convenience, but also for beauty. Many do not know how to store this beauty, so as not to spoil the view. The closets will do it the most reliable way. They do not fade in this place, they are not damaged, and the room is in order. There are some rules for storing a female accessory.

How to prepare bags for storage in the closet

There are winter and summer bags, ordinary and on a festive occasion, under a dress, under shoes. There are even those that get out only for a special occasion. And before that they need to be stored somewhere. Usually this place is allocated in the closet.

You need to know how to prepare this thing in order to store it for some time in the closet. After all, it depends in what condition they will get it and will then wear it. If you spend a little time preparing for storage, such an accessory will be worn for a long time. If there are a lot of handbags, first you need to sort them by material, as well as by size. Large bags require a lot of space in closets.

Important! Before storage, it is necessary to remove everything from the luggage. No need to leave food, drink, pens, cosmetics in them. If stored for a long time, all of these items can damage the product. Inside, you can put paper, newspaper or some kind of fabric product. So the product does not lose shape. If the handbag has long belts, then they should not be folded or wrinkled. The halls from them can no longer be corrected.

It is not worth packing a bag in a bag. Their matter must gain access to oxygen. It is impossible to wrinkle a thing, handbags do not fold, they are stored neatly in a standing or lying form. Before storage, you need to determine the shelf, ventilate the place where the bags will lie. Clean the thing itself as required by the material. This may require special cleaning and water repellents, as well as wipes.

Storage of bags depending on material

If a lady has a lot of handbags for every occasion, then you must first sort them by material. After all, they vary greatly in naturalness, in the type of fabric. Leather products should be stored separately from substitutes, and they also require free space and oxygen.

Fur accessories should be pre-treated from harmful insects. Cloth - can be hung on hooks. If there are any rhinestones or embroidery on the model, then they are packed in polyethylene. If the models are made of fabric, they can stretch out. Therefore, they should be placed horizontally. It’s better not to fold, otherwise the shooter cannot be avoided. If the purses have spikes or elements that can scratch, then they should also be put separately from the rest.

You can put valuable items in your wardrobe. Only doing this is careful to preserve the appearance. Observe temperature conditions. Keep leather and suede away from heaters and batteries. It is also important to maintain a comfortable humidity in the room.

Important! So that bags made of natural materials do not rub against each other. Natural material must breathe; therefore, it is not worth packing it in a film. There are special bags made of high-quality cotton products that were sold with the bag. It will be very practical to store them. You can pack bags in boxes that were sold with shoes.

To prevent luggage from burning out, they should be stored in a cabinet with a closed door. Dressers, drawers are also suitable. Do not place products near radiators or near batteries. But in the cold, you should not store handbags. The temperature in the room plus 20-22 is very suitable. Humidity should be moderate. Hard bags must be filled with newspaper or paper so that they do not lose shape. They should be placed vertically.

Rules for storing bags in the closet

There are basic rules on how to properly store bags in cabinets. It is better to stick with them, so that things keep a well-groomed look longer.

  1. If there is very little space, then the bags can be folded one into another, especially if they are all of different sizes.
  2. An ideal storage option would be a self-made organizer or purchased in a store. It should have several storage compartments. Usually they are fabric.
  3. Bags are easier to find when they are laid out according to the seasons, colors, materials.
  4. It is allowed to use shoe boxes to store everything in them. You can make cells in them. It is very convenient.
  5. You can also buy special hangers or hooks. On them it is also quite possible to fit your favorite accessory when there is no space on the shelves of the cabinet. But hanging is not very suitable for leather products: handles may crack.
  6. Bags made of natural materials should be stored in special cases or without packaging, pre-processed. These bags protect against dust and sunlight.
  7. Covers for bags protect from friction, from damage to the product.
  8. Before storing the bags, they should be processed and released from the contents.

The cabinet space does not matter. It can be the lowest shelf or hook, door or the highest shelf. They can be folded or hung. What seldom gets can be hidden away. The main goal of proper storage is to provide the product with a safe, long service life.

Handbags are usually stored in a closet in order to take care of things. If you follow all the rules for the care of products, then they will have a well-groomed appearance for a long time, and bring joy to the owner.

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