How to properly weigh on electronic floor scales

Most people are ready for a lot for the sake of their dream body: exhausting workouts and endless diets, restrictions and hardships. But bad luck, the cherished figures on the scales still do not appear. Do not rush to refuse food at all and blame the coach, maybe the problem is only in the malfunctioning scales. Electronic scales are a mechanism whose operation is directly related to external factors, the non-observance of which can lead to the fact that the measurement error reaches two kilograms, both up and down. Therefore, when weighing, it is especially important to follow the recommendations below. But before moving on to them, we will analyze the most common mistakes.

Weighing errors

People often make such mistakes when weighing:

  • break the habit of measuring weight daily. It must be understood that this approach will not reflect the full picture, since daily weight fluctuates due to the physiological characteristics of the body: hormonal changes, water retention in the body due to food or medication and much more;
  • Do not weigh yourself immediately after eating or taking any liquid;
  • pick up quality scales. When choosing, pay attention to the error declared by the manufacturer. Optimally, if it is within a hundred grams;
  • wean yourself to weigh yourself in the evening, as well as in clothes;
  • girls should avoid weighing during the menstrual cycle, because during this period, due to hormonal surges, moisture in the body is retained especially strongly.

Do not take this process as execution or punishment. Your attitude in many respects affects the process of losing weight and bringing the body into proper shape.

Basic rules for weighing

So, the main mistakes were sorted out, now based on them you can draw up several universal rules that will guarantee the competent and correct weight measurement.

  1. The procedure should be carried out exclusively in the morning, after emptying the bladder and intestines. In addition, it is not recommended to have breakfast or even drink any liquids before weighing.
  2. Use the same clothes to determine the weight each time, or do this in underwear.
  3. Lock one place and do not move them. Recall that this device is programmed for one type of work, with constant movements, malfunctions can occur, leading to the occurrence of sufficiently large errors.

These rules are quite simple and feasible, but when they are followed, you can be sure that the scales do not lie and, in which case, look for the reasons for the stagnation of the weight or its gain should be in other areas.

These rules are a kind of skeleton, but in addition to them there are a large number of small remarks.

General weighing guidelines

To provide an accurate picture, it is enough to carry out weighing only once a week, it is advisable to do this at the same time, on the same day. In addition to weighing, volumes should also be measured, since, perhaps, extra grams are only water that has been retained in the body.

Water retention is especially common with protein-rich foods. This applies to athletes or people in the so-called “drying” period. It also affects the Dukan diet.

Important! Girls should keep track of the menstrual cycle. Its second phase causes hormonal manifestations. That is why the result is extremely inaccurate.

The day of weighing, as already mentioned, plays an important role. You should not plan the procedure the next morning after a feast or a hearty dinner. Give your body time for rehabilitation and recovery.

Among other things, it is necessary to use the scales themselves correctly:

  • get up on it carefully, jumping onto the scales is completely useless;
  • stand upright, do not lean forward or backward;
  • We remind you that it is strongly not recommended to change the location of the balance.

Weighing on a bathroom scale is an integral part not only of people who are trying to get their bodies in shape, but also those who want to improve their health and maintain it at the proper level. It is extremely necessary to do this correctly and correctly, because it will be possible to fully display the picture and dynamics of changes in weight.

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