Which heater to choose to give

If you have a cottage or you are going to purchase a plot outside the city for a rest, there will certainly be a question about its improvement. One of the main points is the heating system. It is especially important to have heating during the winter period, as well as in cases of cold snaps, so that the indoor temperature is maintained at a constant level.

Why do batteries strike?

The usual attribute of the dwelling is radiators. Without these plumbing fixtures, it is impossible to create a warm, cozy atmosphere during the cold season. Touching the batteries is sometimes accompanied by a slight tingling or more noticeable, even painful fluctuations in electrical current, which can cause irritation on the skin.

Tile underfloor temperature

Underfloor heating is an indoor air heating system in which flooring is the heating element. Such a coating can be the only and main heating system or act as an auxiliary means of heating an apartment or apartment building. The most popular are two types of space heating in this way: water heating; electric heating.

Gas boiler setting

Heating residential premises in the winter is a task of paramount importance. Gas coppers deal best with it. This was the reason for their great popularity. It is important to know that an improperly configured boiler does not effectively cope with its task. The temperature in the room in this case will not be maintained at the proper level, which will negatively affect the comfort of living.

Is diesel fuel in the boiler dangerous?

Many owners of suburban housing are faced with the problem of organizing heating in the house, perhaps the easiest way is to install a wood or coal stove, but using such stoves is quite a troublesome task, the electrical systems are quite painful to afford, and it’s not always possible to connect to gas.

Connecting a warm floor to the boiler

For heating a house located outside the city, various heating systems are used; in recent years, a "warm" water floor has been increasingly installed. The owners of such houses will not interfere with certain knowledge regarding the connection of this device to the boiler. This knowledge will be useful either for self-installation of this heating system or for monitoring workers who will perform such a connection.

Why the pressure in the gas boiler drops

Most often, users of even the highest quality devices encounter a problem in their performance and do not know what this is connected with. The most common is a significant decrease in pressure. However, this occurs exclusively in systems in which forced circulation. With natural, another defect may occur.

Flushing the gas boiler heat exchanger

The task of any gas boiler is to heat the coolant as efficiently as possible and supply it to the heating system and to heat the water for hot water supply. During the operation of the boiler, the products of gas combustion are deposited on the outer walls of the heat exchanger, and the coolant - most often this is ordinary tap water - clogs the inner surface of the tubes with its deposits.

How to hide a gas boiler in the kitchen

A gas boiler is an almost indispensable attribute for many. Someone he is only responsible for hot water, some install it for heating the house. However, the boiler is a bulky, often white construction, which in its original form does not fit into any interior. According to safety standards, the boiler should not be located in a living room (even a kitchen combined with a living room is not suitable), therefore it is often installed in houses in the basement, where it doesn’t excuse anyone, and in apartments - in the kitchen.

Installation of electric boilers

To provide yourself and your family with both heating and hot water, an electric boiler will be an excellent option. This is due to compactness, versatility and practicality. Therefore, the use of this type of modern technology brings only benefits to others. The specifics of the installation of electric boilers Despite the fact that it is not difficult to mount the structure, besides, it can be done in any desired place, nevertheless, each device hides the features in itself.

Heating scheme of a private house with a gas boiler

A comfortable private house should have comfortable heating. Even during the design, it is necessary to lay down, think over the scheme of heating systems. As heating, gas heating is more often chosen. Since this heating system is reliable, it effectively heats the entire room. What heating scheme with a gas boiler is best for a cottage or a private house. When you plan to equip the entire system without the help of professionals, you need to calculate the heating scheme.

How to calculate the power of a gas boiler

Autonomous heating of home ownership requires the installation of a heating source. Traditional gas boilers remain in demand, despite the abundance of equipment operating using other resources. This is due to the low price of gas used and the comfort of use in everyday life. Calculation of boiler power The initial characteristic of a heat source is power.

How to connect the gsm module to the boiler

The basis of a comfortable stay in the house is the efficient operation of the heating system. A modern boiler with a high level of efficiency that runs on solid, liquid or gaseous fuels helps maintain heat inside the home. The additional equipment of the heating system with an innovative GSM module will provide simple and convenient control over the operation of a home boiler room using a cellular network, increasing its energy efficiency and economy.

DIY electric boiler

Electric heating systems are extremely simple equipment, and allow you to create the optimum temperature in the house, even when there is a fierce and snowy winter outside the window. Such devices have an impressive efficiency and work stably for a long time. But few people know that for heating an apartment or house it is not at all necessary to purchase expensive equipment, and you can make an electric boiler yourself.

Which boiler is better: floor or wall?

Which boiler is better: floor or wall? This issue is a serious problem for most buyers, since there are many variations on the market. They differ not only in cost, but also in the volume of heated area, durability, ease of use, etc. Gas boilers are an ideal option for heating a home, which is due to their operational characteristics and ease of operation.

Which chimney is best for a solid fuel boiler

An integral part of an autonomous heating system is a chimney. Proper design and proper installation of the pipe for the removal of combustion products will prevent the appearance of an unpleasant odor of carbon monoxide during the burning of firewood. What should be the chimney for a solid fuel boiler The main purpose of the chimney is to remove exhaust gases after burning wood in the furnace.

Do-it-yourself heat accumulator for heating boilers

Most of those homeowners who use an autonomous heating system in their housing prefer to install solid fuel boilers. Making such a purchase under the influence of intrusive advertising, few people know that these units have a number of features. In particular, in order to maintain a comfortable microclimate in the room, such a device should be heated around the clock.