Electrobigi: pros and cons; how to choose

Electrobigi already loved by many women. Outwardly, they do not differ from thermal products, but it is much more pleasant to use them. It is rather difficult to choose a suitable set without knowing the specific nuances. Further in the article we will try to figure out which electric blister is better. Firms electric rollers This market segment is not oversaturated.

Is it true that hot water is more effective than cold?

Usually people use hot water to wash and wash dishes. When we remove from the table - this is entirely justified, but washing things in this way is not always logical. What is the matter? Let's try to figure it out below. Cold Wash - Myths and Reality washing powder granules dissolve only at a higher temperature.

Washing errors that damage the washing machine

What a blessing that came up with a washing machine-machine! I think such a thought ever appeared in every woman. And if the "assistant" suddenly fails, it is almost perceived as a disaster. After all, we are without her - like without hands! In most cases, the masters who call for help will not fail to indicate that the owner of the equipment is itself to blame for its malfunction.

Which kettle is better to choose - electric or ordinary?

Good tea drinking begins with a good teapot, so its choice should be taken seriously. Today, there are both "simple" appliances that will have to be heated on the stove, as well as electric ones, heated by electricity. Which of them to choose and what are the advantages of both types, try to understand.

7 tips for those who hate to iron

Bringing clothes in a decent condition before putting them on is a rather complicated process. If a washing machine can wash clothes easily, you will have to do ironing yourself. And there is hardly a girl who enjoys this process. Usually this is a long and unloved activity that needs to be done regularly so that the clothes look neat.

How to ensure coolness without air conditioning

With the arrival of summer, heat comes down on the inhabitants of Russia, which makes them feel uncomfortable. On such days it is best to be in your own apartment, filled with cold air from the air conditioner. But it is not always available. Therefore, the question of how to cool a room without an air conditioner remains relevant.

New Japanese invention - radio-controlled mop

Daily cleaning takes power! Sometimes it is simply impossible to look at a rag, bucket and vacuum cleaner, and the dust is accumulating and accumulating, as if no one was cleaning! Help came, from where it was not expected - from the Japanese islands. The Japanese offered a panacea for all who are too lazy to wash the floors - this is a radio-controlled mop. Does it really save humanity from harvesting?

Why keep tea bags in the fridge

It would seem that could be more incompatible than tea and fridge! A household appliance is designed to keep food cool so that they are stored for a long time. And on the contrary, we warm our drink with cold evenings, because we drink it hot. But recently, Russian and foreign companies have begun to store loose tea in refrigerators.

What fridge is sure to give a wedding in Korea

Korea is an amazing and colorful country with its own customs and traditions, peculiarities of life and living. Did you know that Koreans have two refrigerators in the house at once: one for an ordinary meal, the second especially for kimchi? In Russia, money is considered the best wedding gift. In Korea, the kimchi fridge is a status gift to the newlyweds, which is valued above the money envelope.

5 cheap ways to quickly clean the hood

Every housewife knows that the hood must be cleaned at least once every two to three weeks. Built-in filters quickly become dirty, which is why the device stops working effectively. Moreover, if the layer of fat accumulated over time is too large, then it even becomes dangerous - a fire may occur. It is not necessary to allocate a lot of time and money for cleaning the device.

Why put a small thing in the fridge

For some, it is a shock, but people who stick to it will not only keep food in the refrigerator, but also money. I agree, the refrigerator and money are completely incompatible concepts. But such a practice exists. In several well-known signs, this household appliance is one of the objects that actively feeds the family budget, attracting money to the house.

Not really need it! Or how to do without a microwave

Getting used to living on the run and in eternal turmoil, we forget that technology can be a source of harm that is not noticeable at first glance. Microwaves conquered the whole world, and manufacturers and sellers repeat in every way how comfortable and safe they are, but is this true? Is there life without a microwave? It should be remembered: everyone who is interested in sales, will work out the client's objections and list only the advantages of their goods.

What spots will be mastered and not mastered by an ultrasonic washer

About 20 years ago, an ultrasonic washing machine appeared on sale, promising to conduct a revolution among its counterparts due to its small size, quiet operation, low cost and minimal requirements for washing conditions. A huge number of summer residents, residents of small-sized apartments and simply "freebie hunters" were flattered by advertising by purchasing promising devices.

Why add aspirin to the washing machine

It seems that there is nothing in common between the popular medicine and the washing machine. But this is not at all the case. Our grandmothers also used aspirin for washing. And when added to a washing machine, the drug helps to effectively wipe away even the most stubborn and difficult contaminants. And it can also make things snow white.

Hidden features of washing machines. And you didn’t know!

Most modern washing machines are equipped with three to four basic programs that are identical for all models, and several additional programs, which may vary depending on the cost and dimensions of the appliance. Additional modes help the user to choose the best option for high-quality, efficient and economical laundry.

6 important and informative facts about washing machines

Washing machine has long been one of the major household appliances. Most users simply put dirty laundry in it, put the powder to sleep and include one of the standard programs. Few people delve into the process of working machinery. Further in article we will consider some interesting data on washing machines.

How to do without a refrigerator in summer

The refrigerator is so firmly established in everyday life that life without it is impossible to imagine. Many people are used to buying food with a margin that takes up the entire refrigerator and freezer. But the refrigerator tends to break down, and in some dachas some people don’t have it. In winter, products can be displayed on the balcony, and in the summer with the safety of dairy and meat stocks have to tinker.

What will happen to the washing machine, if washed with soap

I still remember those times when grandmother and mother washed clothes in basins, constantly changing the water. Powders then already existed, but women preferred to wash in the old manner with soap. The laundry quickly became clean and pleasant to the body. Today, the entire wash consists in the proper selection of the washing machine mode and the use of high-quality powder.