Tool box as a gift for February 23

Men's holidays often make you think hard about what is needed by a strong part of the population. They often have to suffer because of the triviality of the gift: socks, shaving foam - or because of its generality, given how the female population likes to make a gift in the house: for example, pots, towels, etc.

Do-it-yourself chest shop

Multifunctional furniture is always in demand. Its main advantage is the rational use of space in your home. One of such interior elements is a chest shop. As a place to relax and store things, it will find its application in the nursery, on the balcony or in the hallway. What you need to create a do-it-yourself chest shop 1.

DIY pirate chest

Do you have an idea to make a pirate chest with your own hands? It is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. If there are children in your house, you should definitely build such a treasure chest for them, they will be immensely grateful for this. This paraphernalia can be used for daily games, or it can be made on New Year's Eve or on the eve of the child’s birthday and arrange an exciting quest game, and the main element, of course, will be a pirate attribute.

Do-it-yourself chest made of wood

The chest is one of the oldest inventions of man. It is believed that the first chests appeared at the end of the Stone Age. They were used to store clothes, utensils, household items. The material for making chests varied depending on the place of residence of people, their cultural traditions, lifestyle, available resources, wealth and position in society.

DIY wooden floor chest

In Russia, chests have long been used as a place to store things, family heirlooms or jewelry. They did not differ in the original design, but the strength was reliable. The appearance of the chests has changed repeatedly throughout its history. In the XVII century, joiners attached legs to it and made cells, so a familiar chest served as a prototype of a modern chest of drawers.

DIY plywood chest

Chests have been used in the interior of houses since ancient times. And although for a long time few people remembered them, recently they began to be used more and more often. Not only can they be interesting to beat the general look of the room, but it is still quite functional. They store things, and also use the outer upper surface as a seat or cabinet.

DIY chest decor

In the attic or in the pantry of each house are hidden many antiques that our relatives used. The chest also belongs to such - the bright representative of furniture of the past years in which personal belongings were stored and the dowry developed. With a little craftsmanship and creative skills, and restoring the chest, you can breathe new life into it.

DIY Christmas chest

With the onset of winter, many have a New Year's mood. Streets, shop windows, shops are already decorated everywhere. Charged with this attitude, I want to bring a sense of celebration to my home. In addition to an elegant Christmas tree, I want to add some unusual festive decor to my home. For example, you can make a Christmas chest of Santa Claus.

DIY wedding chest for money

Wedding gifts are a long tradition. Most often, invited guests prefer to give money. This is not only convenient, but also gives the newlyweds the opportunity to purchase the things they really need. You see, two irons, for example, few people need. In this regard, a chest for money is becoming a frequent attribute of a modern wedding.

DIY box out of the box

A chest out of the box is an original idea for a handmade, simple in execution and having practical application. This is not an unnecessary "dust collector", and with due diligence, a very nice little thing can come out, which is not a shame and present as a gift. What can be stored in a chest from a box A chest made from a cardboard box is, in fact, the original version of the box - that is, it is ideal for storing small items.

Chest restoration

Do not rush to throw away the old chest found somewhere in the attic. In addition to the fact that he certainly has value for your grandmother or for you as a memory of bygone times, you can find him and practical application. It is easy to restore the chest yourself, so that you do not have to spend extra money on the help of professionals, and it will also help you cheer up and make sure of your own abilities.

What is a chest

The chest is an original Russian furniture utensil. Previously, in wealthy families, the most valuable things of various purposes were stored in it. Often chests were supplemented by a powerful castle and decorated with decorative elements or paintings. In less affluent families, clothes, shoes, and kitchen utensils were stored in such pieces of furniture; often they replaced the bed with their owners.