How to remove a Christmas tree and not litter

Like any other Christmas decoration, the Christmas tree, as the main symbol of the winter holiday, sooner or later becomes irrelevant. Because of this, the question arises of how to take her out of the house. However, the main problem of live tree lovers is its excessive flowability, which leads to a large amount of debris during the cleaning process.

DIY laminate tree

New Year is the most amazing and magical holiday, which always brings not only a wonderful mood, but also a large number of gifts. Its most important symbol is undoubtedly the Christmas tree! Modern stores offer a wide range of large and small artificial Christmas trees made from anything: glass, polystyrene and other materials.

How to decorate a Christmas tree in 2019

The main holiday is approaching, which is celebrated by every person on the planet - New Year. The symbol of 2019 is the Yellow Earth Pig. New Year's holidays are not complete without the fluffy beauty of the Christmas tree. In this regard, many questions arise that we want to cover in this article. Traditionally, the Christmas tree is the main attribute of the New Year.

The tradition of decorating the Christmas tree

It is impossible to imagine the New Year without a beautiful fluffy Christmas tree. For the New Year holiday, forest beauty is dressed up by children and adults. A few decades ago there was no tradition of decorating a Christmas tree in our country. So where did she come from? This is what will be discussed in our article. Where did the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree come from? The Germans claim that the origins of the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree came from Germany.

Height of artificial christmas trees

It is impossible to imagine the New Year without a green beauty. She, along with the invariable salad of Olivier, tangerines and the Irony of Fate, create the mood and atmosphere of the holiday. I want the Christmas tree to be real - smelling of resin, needles, winter forest, but if you recall all the inconveniences that it causes, then the choice will be for an artificial tree.

Do-it-yourself tree of branches

Not everyone has the opportunity to put a real forest beauty in the house, which is not an interchangeable symbol of the New Year. Everyone has different reasons, but you really want the house to smell of spruce. In this case, you can make your own hands a very unusual, but very beautiful Christmas tree made of fir branches. How to make a Christmas tree from branches with your own hands A Christmas tree from branches with your own hands can become a full-fledged replacement of the usual Christmas tree for us.

How to choose an artificial Christmas tree

Buy a live or artificial Christmas tree? For many, this is a really difficult question. One side? I want the house to smell of needles on the other - this is a costly undertaking, and cleaning up after needles in the house is not the most fascinating pastime. Deciding to buy an artificial Christmas tree, you need to figure out which one to choose, because modern manufacturers offer a very diverse assortment of such goods.

DIY Christmas tree stand

So winter has come. Very soon, the New Year holidays. We always get ready for them ahead of time, a huge number of purchases are planned, but often such a “trifle” as installing a Christmas tree flies out of my head. Well, if it is artificial and the stand has already come with it in a box. But what if it is a live Christmas tree that was bought in the market?

DIY Christmas tree balls

Making balls on the Christmas tree is not only a creative, exciting process, but also a chance to get such original decorations that no one else will have. Also, a great advantage is that you can attract children to the work, they will be delighted! Option 1. You can make a ball on the Christmas tree with your own hands.

DIY bows on the Christmas tree

Nowadays, everything can be bought at the store. Toys, tinsel, garlands and other decorations for the Christmas tree and home with the onset of December are sold at every turn. But at the same time, the thing that is made by oneself is still more valued. Bows are not such a difficult job as, for example, embroidering paintings with a cross or stitch, so the whole family is involved in their production, including the smallest households.

DIY Christmas tree flowers

New Year's showcases in gift shops, the smell of tangerines and pine needles in the stairwells, the chime of a chiming clock and a sense of celebration and hope are inexorably approaching each new day of December. But for the New Year, you always want something special. Therefore, we propose to dilute the traditional sequins, tinsel and balls on the Christmas tree with unusual floral accents.

Christmas tree in the interior

The last sheet remained on the calendar, which means that the main holiday of the year is approaching. Only the New Year's interior decoration will allow you to feel its whole atmosphere, and what a triumph without a prickly beauty? It is almost impossible to imagine the idea of ​​placing a Christmas tree in the interior. It is almost impossible to imagine a New Year without a Christmas tree in a house: it personifies magic, a fairy tale and evokes pleasant childhood memories.

DIY Christmas tree stand

On New Year's holidays, live spruce need to stand at least until Orthodox Christmas, and better - before the Old New Year (January 14). In total, spruce or pine costs 14-20 days. To keep it fresh throughout the period, it is recommended to make a special stand with water. What you need to create a stand under the Christmas tree with water yourself You can purchase a lock in the store, but it will not allow you to lower the end of the trunk into the water.

Do-it-yourself road sign on a Christmas tree

Decorating a Christmas tree for the New Year is always a fun and interesting event. For children, you can organize not only fascinating entertainment, but also spend several lessons on the rules of the road. To do this, you need to make several Christmas tree crafts in the form of road signs with your own children.

Blue-silver Christmas tree

Decorated with colorful toys, the traditional Christmas tree creates a great mood. However, there are modern design solutions that delight with their novelty: for example, to design a spruce tree in one color scheme. There are many ways to achieve a unique effect. Outfits in gold, red, white, green tones, of course, are good.

How to assemble an artificial Christmas tree

Every year, in December, people begin to prepare for the meeting of the most anticipated and magical holiday. On the eve of the New Year, everyone purchases gifts to please their near and dear ones. A mandatory element of the holiday is the Christmas tree. Since ancient times, people have carefully chosen the most beautiful tree in the forest.

How to decorate a white Christmas tree

In the coming year, the white Christmas tree is the best holiday attribute of all possible. A yellow pig will appreciate it much higher than the traditional version. Features of decorating a white Christmas tree in 2018 How to decorate a white Christmas tree in 2018? The yellow pig likes plant patterns: flowers, berries, branches, nuts, spruce "paws."

How to decorate a Christmas tree in gold color with a photo

In December, people around the world begin to prepare for the meeting of the long-awaited and magical holiday. On the eve of the New Year, they decorate everything at home, think over plans for festive events and choose gifts. Of course, they do not forget about the main symbol of the celebration. It is customary to dress the Christmas tree with the whole family. Shops offer a large assortment of Christmas decorations, decorations, and garlands.

DIY paper flowers on a Christmas tree

In anticipation of the New Year in advance you need to think about creating a festive mood. Decorating a room is a pleasant and fun activity for the whole family. What could be better than jewelry made by yourself. Paper flowers on a Christmas tree will look original and unusual. What kind of flowers can be made of paper on a Christmas tree Making paper jewelry is easy and simple.

How to make gift boxes under the Christmas tree

In December, active preparations for the New Year holiday begin. It is necessary to purchase gifts for all relatives and guests, to decorate the house. I want everything to be perfect, beautifully decorated in a festive way. Gifts deserve special attention, or rather, their packaging. If you want to make beautiful gift wrapping boxes that you have made or purchased for your loved ones, do not deny yourself this pleasure.