Do I need a mat in front of the entrance door: for and against

Have you seen the door mats meeting everyone entering the house? It is unlikely that many will answer no to this question. Sometimes there are even several such rugs: one from the street side, the other - already in the hallway. Why are they lying there? Someone believes that for decoration, someone - so as not to carry street dirt in the home.

7 reasons not to trust cleaning services

Cleanliness in the apartment is always nice and beautiful. But we all know that often there is simply not enough time or energy for cleaning. And so you want to return to the shining apartment clean and fragrant with pleasant aromas. To achieve this, you can use the services of a cleaning company. Recently, this service has become very popular with our compatriots.

Why you can not clean the carpets at the car wash

The house should have an atmosphere of cleanliness and freshness, regular cleaning helps get rid of the accumulated dust and poor energy. Carpets should be cleaned especially carefully, as they accumulate dirt in the pile and can be a source of allergy. Car wash has become a new way to quickly and easily clean your favorite rug.

Want to attract fortune to the house? Clean the auspicious day of the week

In previous times, special sacred significance was attached to the harvesting. With the help of brooms and sweepers, the dwelling got rid of troubles and evil forces, swept away lack of money. When you start cleaning the house, you need to take into account that any untimely undertakings can attract negative. On what days can you clean up the house, and when should you refrain from cleaning?

What floors are needed in the apartment on the ground floor

How do you feel about ground floor apartments? I heard that such apartments are less valued, but I did not really understand why. A friend who was “lucky” to live in such a house without hesitation cited several reasons for the inconvenience of the first floor. Among such inconveniences are floors. What is the problem of the floor on the first floor Residents of apartments on the first floors of apartment buildings often face the problem of cold floors.

Floors: wash or wipe - is there a difference?

No matter how tired we are at work, we have to do the cleaning of the apartment all the time! A little run - and a layer of dust reproachfully looks at you from every corner. Floors require special attention! Some housewives are stocked with special detergents if the coating is too delicate or made of expensive material.

Tiles that are scary to pick up - expensive and unusual models

When mankind began to use burnt clay records, it is not known for certain. Ceramics, known since the time of Mesopotamia (three thousand years BC), is still in demand as a material for decorating the home. Tiles used in the decor of kitchens, bathrooms, toilets are well-known plates of square or rectangular shape with a pattern.

The best penny disinfectants for the floor

The apartment should be not only comfortable and tastefully decorated, but also clean and safe for living. Many housewives seek to pick up harmless cleaning products, even without suspecting that they are always at hand. The choice of floor cleaners is huge. When buying it is worth paying attention to many characteristics, as well as to consider the type of coating and where it is located.

How to dry the carpet with a vacuum cleaner

Carpet - part of the interior, making it cozy and soft. And in any house there can be an unforeseen situation when liquid is spilled on the carpet. This can occur during cleaning, children's games or just by accident. It is not always necessary to take the carpet to dry cleaning, most often with a small amount of moisture you can cope with improvised means.

How to clean the floors from the smell of animals?

Many people can’t imagine their lives without pets. But with the cat or dog in the house often appears and a characteristic unpleasant smell. All owners of cats and dogs are familiar with this unpleasant phenomenon. How to get rid of this "flavor" that appears in the room where your pet lives?

How can I use the old carpet?

Sooner or later, every carpet owner is faced with the question of his replacement. However, you should not quickly get rid of unnecessary things, because it can still be useful for other, very unexpected goals. Many people want to give their favorite things a second life. After all, it is enough to show a little imagination to come up with a completely different application for the product.

Why you should not sweep the floor in someone else's house

Various signs associated with the house and cleaning, passed on to us from our ancestors, who sincerely believed in them. Some of the signs, as it turned out, have a scientific justification, while others in modern realities look like silly rituals. To believe in signs in the 21st century or not is an open question. Here everyone has the right to choose their individual point of view.

Why wax the floor

For several hundred years, wax has remained one of the best means of caring for wooden flooring. And since the technology of working with materials has been simplified, and the composition of the emulsion has become better to protect the tree, the method is becoming more and more popular. Why wax the floor? Wax is used to polish the floor if you want to keep the beautiful appearance of the coating as long as possible.

Photo with the names of the colors of the laminate flooring

Consumers buy laminate, preferring it to linoleum or parquet, because of the good price-performance ratio of this building material. It costs less than parquet, easy to clean, looks more interesting than the usual economy-class flooring: linoleum. So this is a "compromise" option. But how to choose the color of the laminate, its texture?

Why take the remnants of linoleum to the country

Any person who has made repairs in his apartment at least once has encountered the problem of utilization of the remnants of building materials. Especially it concerns the replacement of the flooring. But the old linoleum or new pieces do not necessarily throw. They can be applied on the seasonal dacha. In the presence of a developed fantasy you will not be difficult to find a use for it.

Marmoleum for the floor is not a cork! All About Fashion Covering

Marmoleum is considered a new material for flooring apartments and offices. But it is not in vain that it says that all new things are just well-forgotten old objects and technologies, altered taking into account the development of industry. The same thing happened with the marmoleum. In essence, it is linoleum familiar to everyone, only made from completely natural materials.

Harm from carpets and rugs

When choosing flooring, many prefer carpets and rugs. They have various textures, colors and patterns, which allows you to choose a product for any room and design. Carpets give comfort to any room. In addition, they retain heat and provide sound insulation. However, along with the positive aspects of using carpets as part of the interior, there are several significant drawbacks.

We draw stains of wine, blood from the carpet

Almost every home has carpets, as it is a great alternative to flooring. But in life, different things can happen: an accidental cut, spilled wine or other stains on a carpet product. It is good if the pollution is noticed in a timely manner and immediately eliminated, but sometimes various types of spots are not noticed for several days, after which they are much more difficult to remove.

Why pour salt on the doorstep of the house

Inexpensive and affordable salt is used as seasoning for almost every dish, it is an excellent disinfectant and is suitable even for magic rituals. Previously, it was a rare and expensive product, and from there it came to us that scattered white grains portend a quarrel. Since ancient times, it has been credited with purifying the body and soul properties.