The strangest and most original beds

No matter how much we resist, we spend a third of our lives in a dream, and in order for a dream to become comfortable and productive, you need to choose a good bed. And does she have to be a standard form? I collected the most unusual options that can surprise even inveterate skeptics. Fiberglass, a breakthrough in the future Modern materials allow you to create unique textures, not an exception - a fiberglass bed.

How to repair magnetic latches in cabinet doors

Most manufacturers produce furniture with magnetic, automatic and other types of latches. When buying a cabinet, many users do not pay attention to small connecting parts and therefore very often encounter their malfunction. If suddenly there was a breakdown of the mount, then it can be easily fixed independently.

How to fix the sheet so as not to fidgeted?

Sheet "does not obey"? Do you have to fix it every now and then? How to get rid of this problem? We will tell about it in our article. How to fix the sheets on the bed (sofa)? Do you like to sleep on an orthopedic mattress, and children prefer foam rubber or spring? All of them vary in height, softness, quality mattress covers.

Table with river

Room design ideas know no boundaries. I remember that not long ago the wallpaper in a small flower and the Romanian “wall” were the limit of desires of our fellow citizens. And today, designers come up with an increasing number of interesting new products that should give the room originality and uniqueness. One of these innovations was the table-river.

The better to wipe the dining table: a rag, sponge, napkin?

The table is an integral part of the kitchen. Besides the fact that it performs a practical function, the table adds to the comfort of the room. So that he had a neat appearance, he should be carefully looked after. Indeed, in addition to maintaining cleanliness, removing contaminants from the table we prevent the emergence and spread of pathogenic bacteria.

The most dangerous furniture that may be in your home

When purchasing new furniture, we try to find products that will fit the overall style of the room. In this case, few people think that the new headset can cause significant harm to health. Often a situation arises when, having placed a new furniture, its owner begins to feel a headache, sore throat or itchy skin.

Funny and ridiculous furniture

Many apartments and houses today are furnished with ordinary furniture that fits perfectly into the interior of the room. Moreover, the original furniture is quite a rare phenomenon, although it adds uniqueness and diversity to the boring and same-type interiors. In the review we offer to consider the most original and ridiculous furniture.

Kotatsu - a hybrid of table, blankets and heater

For years, Japan has been confidently retaining its leadership in various "high" technologies. At the same time, the Japanese showed ingenuity and originality long before scientific progress, which began to develop at the end of the last century. One of the clearest examples is the kotatsu table, which, along with its main purpose, plays the role of a heater.

DIY shoe rack

All families are different and their homes are different. A large number of shoes remain unchanged. Winter, summer, demi-season, sports and evening shoes are stored at home. In spacious apartments, owners can install a special cabinet for storing it, and in small apartments with a narrow corridor, every centimeter counts.

Top 10 mistakes when choosing upholstered furniture

Our house is our fortress, so you need to carefully approach the purchase of upholstered furniture. It is so pleasant to relax after a hard day on a soft sofa with a book and a cup of tea. But sometimes it turns out that instead of the desired item, we get an expensive thing that is absolutely not suitable for the original wishes. How to avoid annoying mistakes when choosing upholstered furniture?

How to make money on the resale of old furniture

Furniture resale is a fairly profitable business. Many on this monthly earn pretty decent amount. However, if you engage in resale regularly, you will need to arrange everything accordingly at the legislative level. But if you decide to just try yourself in this business, then of course you should not immediately go and arrange your activities, because nothing terrible will happen if you resell 1 wall or sofa.

You will laugh what is the name of the dust brush

For several years in a row, an assistant has been struggling for the cleanliness of the house - a bright, fuzzy vertical brush. Everyone knows that such a rainbow fluffy object easily copes with dust particles, but no one thought about its name. How well he is called and what other nominal names are given to him, we consider in this article.

Elegant furniture from the flea market: photos

Do you want a luxurious double bed or a chic kitchen set, but money, as always, is not enough? There is a way out - used furniture from the flea market. And in such stores you can buy very exclusive furniture for a penny. What kind of furniture you can buy at a flea market. In thrift stores you can buy any furniture.

The secret of the red ribbon on the spouses bed

Marriage is the most responsible and serious step in the life of every person. Most people associate the main difficulties with holding a wedding, however the subsequent life also has many subtleties and important features. So, one of the attributes of marriage is a red ribbon, which the couple tied to the bed, symbolizing that they completely belong to each other.

Royal bed: the most expensive beds in the world

Nowadays, people tend to create comfortable living conditions, to equip the house and add interior. A special place is occupied by pieces of furniture: a table, chairs, a bed, a sofa. In our article we will talk about the different options for beds and their cost. In addition to standard versions of products, there are various models, the price of which will be much higher in its category.

Why you can’t leave empty bottles on the table

During the feast, the bottles are emptied one after another. But a Russian person will never put an empty bottle on the table, throwing it under it. What drives people? Do they know any signs? Most likely, this happens subconsciously, but he does it very correctly. Indeed, according to superstition, an empty bottle on the table is a harbinger of failures, troubles and awkward situations.

Why can't I wipe paper off the table

Paper napkins or towels today have become a real rescue of hostesses around the world. They are convenient in use, practical, pleasant for hands. They are indispensable in the kitchen, where you constantly need to wipe something. A used napkin just throw in the trash. If these are paper towels in roll form, then the rest will remain neatly standing on the table.

Glass furniture: all the pros and cons

Today, when decorating, very often the choice falls on glass or mirror furniture. The point is its versatility, because such furniture easily fits into the classical style, modernism, and even high-tech. The pricing policy of such furniture is also quite democratic, it can afford all segments of the population.