Why in Europe and America stopped using coconut mattresses for children

Preschool children are advised to sleep about 12 hours, and babies from 2 to 4 years old - all 16 hours. That is, a child can spend a little less than half his life in a dream! Impressive! But during sleep, growth, the formation of internal organs and the skeleton do not stop. The muscles in the dream have not relaxed enough - please, scoliosis or poor posture.

How to make a mattress for a bed with your own hands

Equipping her bedroom, each hostess pays special attention to the bed and mattress. A place to sleep should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable, so many people have the idea to make it on their own. How to do this? What material is best for a mattress For the manufacture of this product at home, foam rubber or cotton wool is often used as a filler.

How to make a mattress

Sleep is a very important process in a person’s life, since the person’s well-being during the day depends on it. In order for the sleep to be sound and correct, you need a comfortable sleeping place, which is not complete without a good mattress. A large number of models are presented on the modern market, but their cost is not accessible to everyone.

How to choose a decubitus mattress

Anti-decubitus mattresses are designed specifically for the care of bedridden patients. They prevent stagnation, creating dynamic support for the entire body. To get the combined effect of anti-decubitus systems, you need to know about their types and purposes. In this article we will talk about all types of mattresses and the rules for their choice.

Sizes of mattresses

It is difficult to ensure a healthy, full sleep without a properly selected mattress. Filler, fabric, level of rigidity, environmental safety, the size of the mattress - everything is important, expressed in a formal language, in the organization of a berth. With the dimensions of the mattress is just the case when it is very convenient to apply standardization.

How to blow off an air mattress

Today, many ordinary people more and more often begin to use such a unique product as an air mattress in everyday life. Such popularity of this product is explained quite simply: an air mattress is a great alternative to the usual beds and sofas; the product is effectively used when the living area is small; the mattress will be indispensable when unexpected guests arrived; when outdoor activities are convenient to use as a sunbed.

How to choose a mattress

The well-being of a person is determined, among other things, by the quality of sleep. About a good mood and increased performance after a sleepless night, or after an uncomfortable sleep on an inappropriate bed can not be considered. Therefore, choosing the right mattress is key to feeling good. A mattress, selected according to the recommendations of specialists, is necessary not only for a good night's rest.

DIY spring mattress repair

There are several ways to help determine if your mattress needs restoration. Damage to the casing, deformation of internal metal parts, wear of the filler are the main causes of product repair. Materials required The choice of tools depends on the cause of the damage. To replace the upholstery by hand, you only need glue and a suitable fabric in color.

Springless mattresses: pros and cons

Springless mattresses are usually filled with artificial or natural materials. The price of such a mattress depends on the quality and quantity of the filler, as well as on its naturalness. Let's deal with the advantages and disadvantages of mattresses without a spring unit. Pros As a rule, a high degree of rigidity; Strength; There is no weight limit; Noiselessness; Environmental friendliness (if inside there are natural fillers).

How to glue an air mattress

Many people have already appreciated such a useful and versatile product as an air mattress. Indeed, with this unique subject, outdoor recreation will become much more comfortable, and there is no need to talk about how it will become an indispensable product in case of unexpected guests. However, with all the positive characteristics, an air mattress has one significant drawback - the very weak strength of the material from which it is made.

How to choose a cotton mattress

Cotton filling A special garment wool is used to fill the product, but not intended for medical purposes. Its quality is easy to understand by reading the label, for example, GOST 5679-85 (cotton sewing cotton wool), and GOST 63.13-79 (mattress cotton wool prepared by recycling).

How to choose a baby mattress

Sleep is a time that cannot be taken lightly, especially when it comes to young children. They form the musculoskeletal system, internal organs, psychological characteristics. Not only his mood depends on how the child gets enough sleep. His health depends on it. Attention!

Sizes of children's mattresses in a crib

The importance of choosing the right baby mattress is undeniable. Indeed, a strong and healthy sleep of the child depends on its quality, and therefore the proper development of a growing organism. The main factor influencing the choice of the appropriate mattress is the age of the child. It also determines the main selection criteria, such as stiffness, internal filling, orthopedic indicators, size and height.

Types of mattress covers

For the mattress to last as long as possible, it needs additional protection. This can be helped by a mattress cover - a cover that is easy to put on, firmly fixed, protects from dirt, moisture and dust, thereby increasing the life of the mattress. Before choosing a mattress cover, you need to decide what exactly is needed.

Differences of an orthopedic mattress from anatomical and from ordinary

Before you buy a mattress, you need to know about its advantages and disadvantages. A correctly selected mattress will relieve insomnia, back pain after sleep. Comparison of a conventional, anatomical and orthopedic mattress An important feature of an orthopedic mattress is its medical purpose. A sufficiently rigid product helps to get rid of fatigue, relieve muscle hypertonicity, and also improve blood circulation.

How to choose a mattress pad

A bed for sleep consists of three main elements: a frame, a frame and a mattress. Choosing a convenient and comfortable berth is not an easy task. In order to preserve the good appearance of the mattress as long as possible, they put on a mattress cover. And what this addition to the bed will be, depends only on the mattress.

Orthopedic mattress benefit and harm

From a quarter to a third of the life span, man is allocated to sleep by nature. The body relaxes, rests, the brain processes the information received. The quality of rest depends on the convenience of the situation. About orthopedic mattresses A classic orthopedic mattress is a special certified medical product used as prescribed by a doctor, intended for treatment in a hospital or at home.

Polyurethane foam in the mattress

The modern development of production has brought polyurethane foam to the first market place as a filler for mattresses. What is polyurethane foam for mattresses In everyday life, it bears a simple name - foam rubber. Its main component is polyurethane foam, which contains about 90% of air. It is produced in the form of special blocks, which are obtained by pouring foam into molds.

How to wash a mattress pad

Many in the house have a mattress cover, it protects the mattress from pollution. To find out if it can be washed, you should examine the product label. This is very important, as improper washing can lead to damage to the mattress cover. From the label you will learn about the washing mode recommended by the manufacturer, the ability to stain and the temperature of ironing.