How to install a hygienic shower for toilet

The small size of a standard bathroom makes it impossible to install a full bidet in it. But this is no reason to deprive yourself of the opportunity to improve the room. If there is no place, and you really want to have a bidet, then you can look for alternative solutions to the problem - to install a hygienic shower. It has a similar function, while taking up little space and costing less.

How to remove limescale in the toilet

In each house there is a plumber, including a toilet. In order for the product not to lose its attractive appearance, serve for many years, it requires regular, thorough care. Every good housewife knows about it and tries to keep clean plumbing. But what to do if on the surface of the toilet began to accumulate a raid of limestone?

How to clean the toilet bowl from rust inside

Every good housewife knows that all plumbing requires careful, regular care. In this way, not only the attractive appearance of the products is supported, but also their service life is extended. For obvious reasons, the toilet deserves special attention. Moreover, you need to clean not only the product itself, but also the drain tank.