What is a safe

A special box or cabinet, which is often made of refractory materials, is able to keep valuables intact. In most cases, it is purchased for the needs of companies that need to keep a cash supply or documents of special importance in an inaccessible place. But there are also safes for the home, in which papers, money or, for example, weapons are stored.

How to choose a safe for weapons

When buying even a regular hunting rifle, you must remember that it must be stored in accordance with the approved rules. The procedure for storing firearms in Russia is regulated by the relevant Ministry of Internal Affairs order number 288. The order states that firearms must be stored in a safe in a discharged state.

Weapon Safe Requirements

The acquisition of weapons implies the appearance of corresponding obligations. To begin with, this relates to the method of its storage, as well as the inadmissibility of the appearance of the possibility of a firearm entering another person. Such an outcome of events can end very tragically, which threatens many troubles for the owner of the weapon.

How to choose a safe for home

Even if the house has a reliable door, do not store jewelry in a conspicuous place. To do this, there are safes that protect all valuable contents. How to choose a safe First you need to decide what needs to be stored. Then determine the type of room in which the box will be located. For panel apartments, it is advisable to select a compact model, which certainly must be firmly fixed to the floor, or think about a safe that can be built in.

How to replace batteries in a safe

Safe is a very useful thing in the house. In it you can safely store any thing that has value: from cash to jewelry. Its main advantage, of course, is a mechanism with a code that works not just like that, but with the help of batteries. And after some time intervals they need to be changed, otherwise the electronic mechanism may turn off at the most inopportune moment.

How to use the hotel safe

If you often have to visit hotels, you should take care of the safety of your documents and finances. For this purpose, safes are often installed in hotel rooms. But you still need to learn how to deal with it. Consider how to use the hotel safe to keep your valuables safe.

How to make a safe

Everyone has jewelry and important things that others do not need to know about. Since the beginning of time, people have learned to store, hide and protect their prey from ruin and robbery. In the process of evolution and technological progress, mankind has been actively developing more and more new ways of storing and protecting its property.

Burglar resistance classes of safes

There is a universal formula for selecting a worthy storage of material values: its price should be 1/5 of the monetary equivalent of the contents. Deviation from the rule is allowed only in secure premises. Or in the case of a cache. Burglar resistance classes of safes Burglar resistance is measured in units of resistance (Ec) and characterizes the resistance of the safe to breaking.

Types of safes

It's hard to believe, but an ordinary metal cabinet with a wall thickness of 2 to 5 mm and a relatively reliable internal lock can also be considered a safe. With a zero burglary resistance class, but a fairly safe storage, suitable for use in well-guarded places. If there is a need for home protection of material values, then it is worth picking up something more serious.

Weapon safe dimensions

According to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, everyone who has firearms in his arsenal must have a special safe for safe storage. This is necessary in order to prevent access to dangerous objects for everyone. Compulsory storage in a safe includes: smooth-bore weapons; traumatic; gas.

Which safe is better: electronic or key

Each buyer who chooses a safe for their savings, asks himself the question - which one is better: with a key lock or with an electronic one? To begin with, for what such an item is generally needed. It is used to store valuables, securities, money and everything that has value. To date, there are more than enough types and models of safes: inexpensive, less protected, burglar-resistant, fire-resistant, fire-resistant.

Do-it-yourself weapon safe

A safe for weapons is a mandatory component of the rules for its storage, regulated by the legislation of Russia. Without a report on checking its availability, meeting certain criteria, you can’t even get a license to buy a gun. Despite the many safes on the market, many outdoor enthusiasts prefer to make them do-it-yourselfers.