How to choose a smokehouse?

Smokehouse is a special device used for the heat treatment of meat, fish and other food products. In most cases, it is a rectangular or cylindrical container in which there is a grill or baking tray for laying out products and a drip pan. So that the products that have undergone such processing get tasty and useful, and the process of smoking was carried out without any particular difficulties, it is very important to choose such a device correctly.

Smoking time in a hot smoked smokehouse

In the shops you can find a large assortment of smoked products for every taste and budget. However, many lovers of gastronomic delights prefer to feast on their own smoked meats. Next, we consider the features of this fascinating process: time, temperature, methods and various nuances.

Smokehouse from the old fridge do it yourself

Smoked products, in addition to excellent taste, retain all the beneficial substances of the original product and have a long shelf life. Traditionally, there are two types of smoking - hot and cold. In this article, we will tell you how to breathe new life into an old fridge, turning it into a home smokehouse.

Cold Smoke Smokehouse

Smoked meats are very popular in our country, not only as a delicacy for the festive table, but also as a dish that you can treat yourself to on weekdays. This is a great way to diversify your diet. Smoked products can be purchased at any grocery store, but it is more interesting, and sometimes much cheaper, to make them yourself.

DIY cold smoked smokehouse

Smoked meat and fish have always been famous for their excellent taste and smell. You will learn how to cook this delicacy at home from this article. The principle of operation of the cold smoked smokehouse The essence of cold smoked is that the meat or fish product is subjected to heat treatment with smoke at a temperature of 25 to 50 degrees.

Do-it-yourself smokehouse from the pan

It’s getting warmer outside, it’s time to open the season of barbecue and family outings. One of the most important attributes of such a holiday is a smokehouse. With its help, you can smoke meat, fish and other products. However, it is not always possible to buy a good model because of its high cost. If you don’t have the time and money to find the right option, you should consider creating your own smoking equipment.

DIY smokehouse rack

The smokehouse will come in handy at any picnic. With its help, you can cook meat, fish and other products. You can buy this device or design it yourself at home. There are various ways to do this. In our article, we will discuss one of the most important parts in the design.

Smoke-curing temperature in the smokehouse

Smoker lovers know all the advantages of a properly prepared dish. Here, and the flavor, and taste, and a good crust ... To achieve all this, you need to know some of the features. Hot smoking means that the product will be treated with steam and high temperature smoke. The real chef knows that in order to create a truly tasty masterpiece, you will need to follow the execution during the preparation of all the important recommendations: use only fresh products; choose a good recipe; strictly follow the requirements of each stage of the entire cooking process; observe the temperature regime set in the recipe; maintain the necessary and sufficient level of humidity inside the smokehouse; pay attention to the quality of the raw materials used; sustain the right amount of time.

Do-it-yourself smokehouse from the washing machine

Probably, everyone thought about buying a smoke-cured smokehouse. With its help, you can smoke fish, meat and create delicious dishes at home. Moreover, hot smoking requires much less time compared to the cold version. In most cases, the cost of a smokehouse can be unreasonably high, so you should consider creating it from improvised materials.

Dimensions of the smoked smokehouse

Factory and home-made smokehouses for hot smoking from season to season are becoming increasingly popular among those who are accustomed to give preference to home-made products. A person buying a smoking device raises a number of questions about what criteria to rely on when choosing and what to consider.

What can smoke in a hot smoked smokehouse

Who among you and I do not like to eat a piece of smoked meat or fish? Lovers of such delicacies there is a lot. It is a delusion to think that only meat or fish can be smoked - products that can be processed in such quantities. Meat, poultry or fish cooked in a home smoker, seasoned with fragrant herbs and spices, deliciously smelling smoke — what could be more delicious?

Hot smoked smokehouse

Smoked fish and meat are exquisite delicacies for any picnics or country gatherings. At the same time, in order to feast on them, it is not necessary to run to the nearest supermarket for finished products, but it will be much tastier and healthier to smoke food in a homemade or purchased smokehouse.