DIY car speakers

Many car owners are not satisfied with the standard speakers. Therefore, they are faced with the question of replacing the speakers and radio. Car speakers have different characteristics, on which their cost depends. However, you can assemble it yourself.

What can I make speakers in a car

Before proceeding with the assembly of acoustics, it is necessary to determine what it will be made of, its size and installation location.

For the manufacture of home-made speakers, the following materials are suitable:

  1. Chipboard. The most affordable material, which is not difficult to purchase. Cost is also quite affordable. The finished design will not distort the sound, and since the material is lightweight, the acoustics will be quite light.
  2. Tree. You can use wood of any species, however, pine or oak is best. They create good sound and have an attractive appearance.

Also required:

  • Hacksaw.
  • Speakers of the required diameter and with the necessary characteristics.
  • Rings for fixing.
  • Synthetic fluff.

How to make do-it-yourself speakers for cars

When all the necessary materials have been prepared, you need to determine the dimensions of the future design and make measurements.

REFERENCE. If the speakers are placed in the trunk, the best option is a size of 30 cm. When installing speakers on a shelf located behind the rear seats, 15 cm speakers are enough.

Assembly takes place as follows:

  • From the prepared material with the help of a hacksaw, it is necessary to cut all the details.
  • In the center of the workpieces, cut holes corresponding to the diagonal of the speakers.
  • The rings must be glued to the details of the structure.
  • Inside the case, several partitions should be made that will fix the bass reflex.
  • Make several connectors for the terminals.
  • All parts must be joined and fixed with screws or glue.
  • Place fluff inside the product.
  • Install the finished speaker in the prepared place.

To make the product look finished, it can be varnished or painted. If you want to give more originality, the details can be made of different materials.

Do-it-yourself speakers are easy to assemble. The cost of such products will be significantly lower than that of ready-made store options.

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