American-style kitchen: find six differences!

I don’t always like American films and TV shows, but what they are always great at is that it’s in a beautiful picture, thought out to the last detail. And I do not know about you, but I, if the plot ceases to interest me, I still look further. But I do not follow the plot, but I look at the interiors. All these decorative trifles: vases, rags, lamps, etc., etc.… And of course, the thought “oh, but I would be so ...” And really, is it possible to create an American kitchen polish in Russian realities?

Characteristic features of an American kitchen unit

In search of information, I rummaged through more than one hundred Google pictures, and having admired, I immediately rushed to share my observations with you. Something caught my eye since watching movies, but something required thoughtful scrutiny. In the end, it turned out the top of the main features, which I counted six pieces.

The first difference: the island

It is customary in Russian modest kitchens to press all the furniture against the walls so that there is where to turn. American kitchens initially mean a huge scope not only for imagination, but also for movement. And in this space one could easily drown if it were not for the saving island in the center (and sometimes not one).

Reference! The most common option is a massive bollard, which not only provides additional working space, but also allows you to store many of the necessary details, but more on that later.

This may be a classic option - a large dining table for many people, but it should be massive and solid. And if space allows, Americans can supply as many as two islands.

No way to place an island? Let it be a peninsula! The bar counter can do this very well.. Anything to divide the space! Very much the American interior loves it. The kitchen can be combined not only with the dining room, but also with the corridor and the living room..

Tip! In Russia, such a plan can be done in a studio apartment. However, do not forget to take care of a quality hood, so that the curtains in the living room do not smell like meatballs.

The second difference: storage

No glass sideboards! The more hidden, the better! Yes, that is the motto of American kitchens. Therefore, there are so many all kinds of drawers and cabinets.

Nobody is interested in cellophane bags of cereals and unwashed carrots. Do not be afraid that in this way the kitchen will lose its colorful appearance - nobody has canceled decorative art.

But there is an important detail here: the whole decor should be not only beautiful, but also practical. The minimum of dust-collecting figurines and empty vases is the maximum of actually used and at the same time aesthetically-looking utensils.

You can hang on the wall a set of unusual spoons or knives. You can put a basket with real fruits in the center of the island (only, of course, it would be better to eat them before they spoiled). You can buy cute jars and fabric bags for spices. Anything, if only it was beautiful and beneficial. It may even be the legendary red plastic cups.

The third difference: facades with a panel

This difference speaks for itself, the only caveat: everything should be within the framework of reasonable minimalism. Smaller carved decorations and paintings - more smooth matte surfaces.

The fourth difference: a sink by the window

And one more sub-distinction emanates from it - the need for a large window. And it’s better not one that there is as much natural light as possible.

Why exactly the sink and precisely at the window? Who knows, maybe it came from some curious housewife who loves to spy on her neighbors while washing dishes ... In any case, it looks uniquely stylish.

How is it done

The outside of the kitchen was decorated, everything was a little aesthetic hid, what next? And then try again to open all the lockers and see what's inside, what it consists of and how it is made.

The fifth difference: the tree

Of course, in combination with the hi-tech style, you can use both plastic and stainless steel, but still Wood has always been a classic option, and, the better, the better. You can further save on decorative trinkets, but initially follow the quality of the material.

Reference! No chipboard, fiberboard and other terrible abbreviations! Only reliable, durable and durable plywood. The headset of it is guaranteed not to warp and not swell at high humidity, and the paint applied to it will not peel off.

The sixth difference: installation

And it is significantly different. This is achieved just the same due to the features of plywood. It is drilled from the first time and with maximum precision, since in the future it will not be possible to simply trimtightening or loosening fasteners is too strong for that.

Therefore, it will be necessary to drill oblique holes through which, after joining, the boxes are fastened together.

The most even walls allow you to mount cabinets directly to the wall, without additional accessories. Furniture and is located along the walls, from floor to ceiling, without gaps and cracks.

As you can see, there are no special secrets in the American-style kitchen! So, if you wish, it is quite possible to transfer it to a Russian home!

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