How to play the joystick on android

Consoles are very different from computers and laptops. They have their own software, chips, and settings. The main difference is a special control scheme, which is provided with the help of joysticks. Initially, they were developed only for consoles, but over time, thanks to the development of advanced technologies, manufacturers created special adapters and ways to connect joysticks to other equipment.

We will share how to connect the controller to a phone with an Android operating system, for convenience, consider a detailed plan.

Despite the fact that joysticks are usually used with consoles, it can also be used to control phones, tablets ... The range of actions is currently almost unlimited. However, to pair devices and ensure the normal functioning of the system, you must purchase special adapters or install the emulator program on a smartphone.

IMPORTANT: There are several connection options, select the method that suits you best. The most popular is a wired connection via a USB port.

How to play the joystick on Android?

In order to use the gamepad to control the gameplay on the phone, you must correctly connect it and ensure the synchronization of technology. There are several ways to do this:

  • The use of USB wires with adapters suitable for connectors. Just turn on the equipment and plug the cord into a free slot for connection.
  • The situation is a bit more complicated when using the wireless method via Bluetooth connection. To do this, activate the gamepad and smartphone, after that, in the Bluetooth settings, turn on the search for devices and pair with the necessary equipment from the proposed list. Remember the device to automatically detect when you turn it on again.
  • In the absence of an integrated system, you can buy a special adapter for Bluetooth, which provides synchronization of various types of devices.

After connecting, make sure that the game supports this control scheme. If necessary, download a special program for settings and assigning keys, adjust the controller and enjoy the gameplay.

Watch the video: How to play the game in android using usb joystick (March 2020).


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