What joysticks fit Xbox One

The reasons for acquiring a new or additional gamepad for the Xbox One may be somewhat from the need to replace the old joystick and ending with the desire to go through the game together with a friend. Regardless of the reasons, you should carefully consider purchasing a controller, analyze store offers and user reviews.

What to look for when choosing a gamepad forXbox One

The original Xbox One joystick is good, but why limit yourself only to them? After all, you can choose a more advanced version that will improve the quality of gameplay management several times and will allow you to get much more pleasure.

When choosing a new joystick, you should pay attention to several important points:

  1. Convenient form. A good gamepad will sit perfectly in your hand and provide a long game that will bring only positive emotions.
  2. The material of manufacture. The joystick should be made of high quality and durable material. This will allow the gamepad to sit tightly in the hand and not slip out at the crucial moment.
  3. The possibility of refinement or change. On high-quality joysticks, you can easily replace broken sticks and crosses.
  4. Price. A well-known fact - the lower the price, the worse the quality. If the budget is seriously limited, it is better to postpone the purchase or choose a model from the middle price segment.

Given the above criteria, you can easily choose a good game controller to your favorite console.

What joysticks are suitable forXbox One

Let us dwell on the top three of the most worthy models of game controllers:

  1. Xbox One joystick (wireless). This is a standard gamepad for the Xbox One S. The manufacturer has provided an opportunity to upgrade the device - you can change the color of the joystick or pick up different buttons. Included with the device is a wireless Bluetooth communication module, thanks to which the gadget can be connected not only to the game console, but also to a personal computer. In addition, there is a headset connector on the gamepad, which allows you to connect headphones to it for a more comfortable game.
  2. Gamepad Gears of War 4 JD Fenix ​​for Xbox One. Interesting designer joystick. The original design - in the style of the main character of the game Gears of War 4, will not leave indifferent fans of the series. The joystick is very convenient - it lies pleasantly in the hand and does not slip even after many hours of game battles. Bumpers, crosses and sticks are pressed very gently and almost silently. Undoubtedly, this gamepad is perfect for the most sophisticated lovers of video games.
  3. Microsoft Controller for Xbox One Elite. The best of the best. The perfect combination of design, dynamics and quality. When you first use this controller, there is a pleasant weight. Indeed, it is somewhat heavier than its counterparts, and this may seem unusual for many experienced players. However, after a few hours of play, this burden ceases to be burdensome and becomes completely invisible.

A few words about the body of the Elite - it is made of soft-touch, rubberized plastic. It does not slip, it sits organically in the hand and does not fall out even after many hours of play. Separately, it should be noted controls - they are made of metal and are characterized by increased sensitivity, excellent response and durability. Together with the gamepad comes a set of spare parts, with which you can customize the control of the joystick for yourself.

To date, the model controller Microsoft Controller for Xbox One Elite is the best offer on the market game consoles.

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